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Michael Leader
Michael Aug 26 '10
Anywhere I can see a list up fixes and additions with the new site update I just did?
(Which went smoothly I must say)
Den Team
Den Aug 26 '10
Sorry man, but it's impossible to update from beta1 to beta2 due to technical problems. And I must to say that you didn't update your site :( Please, upload and install new installation of Beta2 to get it worked.
Regarding a list of changes: we will include this changelog as we will release stable version (not beta), because we includes only code bugfixes between beta updates :)
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 26 '10
Dont be sorry cos U R WRONG!!! HAHAHA! ROFLMAO
My site did update. I am on beta3 (so the dbase says)

I just wanted to let u know all is smooth with me but wanted to know IF POSSIBLE if you had a list of fixes....

I went thru a core update this morning and added ftp details etc and all went well! Good job!
Reddemon Aug 26 '10
I really want to "update" to beta3. I attempted it this morning but ended up resorting to a backup since it forces you to have a new database (I even tried using a back up of my database after install) With my backup database everything seems to work, but the admin link sends me to the 500.phtml page is there a way around this? My current version is beta1. I never installed beta2 I was hoping to skip it. (knowing that there was going to be another update) My site is currently growing quit well and I would hate to loose the content I have already unless it is unavoidable.

Sorry if this in confusing. I just hope someone can help.

Anime Defense Force
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 26 '10
Looks like you will need to reinstall using Beta2. B1 didnt last long, B2 was released I think 24hrs max after b1 and as stated above, NO UPDATE from B1, install B2 to get automatic (ish) updates!
I am sure if you ask nicely there may be a way the smart guys will be able to help you migrate content over. However, it has been common knowledge that b1 was pants and everyone needed b2 immediately.
Den Team
Den Aug 27 '10
Would you look into ow_core folder and find update.php file? If it doesn't present there, it means that you have still beta2. We didn't make automatic update process stable yet. But I am sure, it will be stable on Beta4.

Sorry, but you need to install Beta2 as minimum. The best way is to install Beta3. Because it's impossible to update from Beta1 to Beta2.
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 27 '10
@Addenster. Ummm... Well, logged into admin of the site, I had a msg saying core update available, went thru the ftp... got a success msg.
Checked DB tables and they say I am now B3
NOW checked OW_Core folder and I have no update.php
All I have is user.php which is the ONLY one beginning with "u".

So regardless to the autoupdate being stable or not..... WORKED FOR ME!!!

I am praising you lot for a great smooth update which went really well and you dont believe me it worked! LOL

So, do you have any log files stored on site somewhere I can check, Are you surprised it worked? Was it NOT meant to work? Was I just lucky?
Den Team
Den Aug 30 '10
No, I don't have such logs. One of the main difference between beta2 and beta3 is update.php file. If this file is present, then you have Beta3, else Beta2.
We will release beta 4 soon and there will be available manual upgrade from beta 2 to beta 4.
P.S. I believe you are very lucky man :)
The Forum post is edited by Den Aug 30 '10
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 30 '10
I was about to post that I dont think I am beta3 cos I dont have admin creation in moderators... I definitely went thru an update though so is there anyway to invoke an update?

And I completely read your post wrong, no update.php = BETA2, I thought B3!!! DOH! on me!

FFS I need to read more carefully.
(and hurry with beta4! LOL and MAKE SURE U DONT BREAK ME!)
Den Team
Den Aug 30 '10
Don't worry my friend :) We will release tools for manual update from beta 2,3 to beta 4. And you will be available update your site.
It's impossible to autoupdate to beta 4 now because update mechanism on beta 2,3 is too buggy, so we decided to rewrite it and make it more stable.
So, since Beta4 there will be available automatic and manual update.
p.s telling confidentially... beta4 will be the last Beta. After that we plan to release stable version :)
Reddemon Aug 31 '10
Will it be possible to update from beta 3 to full when it is released? I planning a full update form beta 1 to beta 3 very soon and my members are rather upset that they are losing their profiles and the sites content so far or should I wait for Beta 4?

I'm trying to keep my members happy by only having to start over once if it can be helped.

(I know shame on me for not updating sooner. But we where desperate for a quick solution to ning closing)
The Forum post is edited by Reddemon Aug 31 '10
Den Team
Den Sep 1 '10
Yes, when Beta4 will be available, we will include manual upgrades packs from beta1,2,3 to 4.