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The Spam İssue | Forum

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Kadri Mar 20 '13

hi oxwall developpers, 

   As you know, the most important problem of oxwall is the spammers, yes, some of you've already developed some good plugins in order to beat these unwanted visitors. but i think that there is more simple solution for protection

   firstly, i should say that the plugin works good, but it a little bit slows down the script, a little bit heavy. the ip checking system is a good solution but not really required

   i observes the spammers, and i can really say that these are not real human, surely they are all robot, because - for instance-  they arrive just minutes after i launched the site and there are other proofs like ips and mail adresses and profile pictures  etc.. they are spam bots

  And as you know it is really easy for a spam program to register in a oxwall site, when you download an oxwall script package, there are limited number of captcha image in it, and you can imagine the rest..

 i dont really understand, why you, the developpers abstain from using Recaptcha, it is simple and the only solution for us

 i know it is ugly, but it will really wok, there should at least be a plug in for that..


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Purusothaman Ramanujam

Quote from Kadri i dont really understand, why you, the developpers abstain from using Recaptcha, it is simple and the only solution for us

On behalf of every developers:


Oxwall does not provide us a way to extend the join form to replace default captcha. There might be some way to hook.

Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Mar 20 '13
Spam has been made to seem a big problem, in fact we have only one real troublesome bot, That I call the default avatar spammer. Its pretty easy to stop this auto spammer and any that copy the same principles.  

Just create two or three extra required questions to your profile questions. You can also create a new default user roll and call it say newbie you then make sure the newbies can not publish anything till you vet them. Your find there are not many manual spammers and they are easily handledeven on a highly active site. I and members of the Code Whacker independent developers social community. Are not using any other form of spam checking especially IP blocking applications and have not suffered attacks by spam bots and very few manual spammers for many months now. No spam is ever published in the forums, blogs or links etc.  No need for any plugins.

I am working on new ideas to stop spam, some have already been presented to Oxwall for consideration.
The Forum post is edited by Bob (Coder Whacker) Mar 20 '13
Kadri Mar 21 '13
thank you bob, what kind of question should i create  ?
MarkieMark67 Mar 21 '13
Bob (Coder Whacker) has pretty much hit it on the nail. Setup a User Role for new members. So they can only read and not post anything till Admin approves them. I like Anti Spammer features it does a good job. But it's not going to catch all of them. Changing Profile Questions is also another great tool. By following these steps I have stopped 99% of my spammers...