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Oxwall installation. | Forum

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orela Mar 28 '13

I read that many users have problem with installation (also me).

We get the famous "Error 500" error.

Please make the script installation more user friendly.

You can add system check before trying to install it.

If the system check will find problems like permissions, PHP missing or other problems and will notify about it.

I installed many scripts before but this scrips has many installation problems.



Purusothaman Ramanujam

Quote from - You can add system check before trying to install it.

Oxwall does that.

You get the 500 error for other reasons too.
orela Mar 30 '13

I found the problem.

I could not install Oxwall till the permission of index.php was changed to 644.

The installation was crashes on the beginning with error 500.

Only after changing this permission it was fixed (i was able to install  it).

Please check.

Alia Team
Alia Apr 1 '13
Regarding permissions, during installation script always checks whether permissions to "write" are given. If "yes" installation proceeds. If "no", you will get a notice during installation ( stage when you have to copy/paste content into config.php) to set needed permissions.

Regarding 644 for index.php.
Who do you host with? Most likely those are server settings ( server gives default permissions for all files).
Alia Team
Alia Apr 1 '13
Regarding 500 error- there are a lot of reasons that can cause this error. It is impossible to avoid them all. Most of the times those errors are related to server setting, incorrect installation, third party plugins.

orela Apr 3 '13

I have a VPS server and i host my site in my country host company.

The script did not show nothing except this error till i changed the file permission.

I read in the forum that i am not the only person that had this problem.

If your script really checks permissions, than it should alert this problem with some message and not - 500 error...

This was original Oxwall installation and i follow the instructions.

Eddie Hakan
Eddie Hakan Apr 30 '13
actually, what is server setting? i mean the correct server setting? for oxwall.... please advise..

incorrect installation..?? i installed through softaculous and also manual... both success but got 'error 500'... 

third party plugins..?? not yet installed since the fresh oxwall can't be running yet with 'error 500'.. :)
The Forum post is edited by Eddie Hakan Apr 30 '13
Alia Team
Alia May 2 '13
Server settings in general within the discussion of this topic, are any configurations Oxwall platform can't control. Those configurations are there before Oxwall is installed and are applied to Oxwall once it is installed.

Incorrect installation - usually when connection gets broken with the server in the middle of installation.

>>>If your script really checks permissions, than it should alert this problem with some message and not - 500 error...

orela,  500 error appears not only during installation. In fact, most of the times it appear either during core updates, plugin update/installations. So showing the real error is not really a good idea. Site users/visitors will just get shocked to see a long list of errors, exceptions, notices instead of the site they wanted to enter. Therefore Oxwall hides error page under 5oo phtml page. Site admin can enable DEBUG mode to see the real error.

Please also note that there are two types of 500 errors And only one of them is generated by Oxwall. You can read more about this here: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/4661

Eddie if you are still facing issues with Oxwall Installation, you can create a topic under Installation Troubleshooter and Server setup .