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YNO - Mobile Applications | plugin

YNO - Mobile Applications

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Last updated Apr 11 '16
Published Jun 11 '15

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Plugin title YNO - Mobile Applications
Item published YouNetCo
Category Social networking, Utilities
Price $499
Compatible with 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.3, 1.8.4
Demo page oxwall.younetco.com/oxwall-mobile-application.html
License OSCL
Terms of Use view
ReadMe view
Mobile Application is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for Oxwall based site is a perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your u... Mobile Application is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for Oxwall based site is a perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more professional.

Please visit http://oxwall.younetco.com/oxwall-mobile-application.html to view more information

For full experience, please go to our demo page at
- iPhone demo: https://itunes.apple.com/...d994784531?ls=1&mt=8
- iPad demo: https://itunes.apple.com/...d994784893?ls=1&mt=8
- Adroid demo: https://play.google.com/....younetco.mobioxwall

Guideline to build application:
- Purchase the App, get the license under our Client Area http://oxwall.younetco.com/client
- Enroll into the Apple Developer (https://developer.apple.com/) and/or Android Developer Program (https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/113468?hl=en)
- Send us your Logo, App name. Keywords, Description, Website URL – http://oxwall.younetco.com/client
- We install server side and build application for your: apk, ipa.

Installation fee:
- Setup fee: free
- Setup + Splash login page integration: $50

- Application is built with default template, color, icon and all phases just as our demo application.
- Only icon on landing page is changeable and will be changed once.
- For any build application request after the first one is released, extra fee will be charged
- Splash Login and Build Fee are NOT refundable.
- We only build application once all required info is provided. Follow our guide http://knowledgebase.younetco.com/...ion-build-condition/ for more detail
- Certificates and passphases for apps are supposed for some functions such as pushing notifications, etc when Apple and Google want to check and deliver messages to correct apps. They can be generated in Developer area of Apple and Google. Mostly we support our clients to generate them when building apps.

- Fancy design: completely new and trendy design. Clean and flat UI design. Well-arranged navigation, sub-navigation, CTAs. Website identity easily injected during app building period (logo, splash screen)
- Authentication: Email sign up and sign in. Avatar cropping tool for best fit renderring throughout application. Quick sign-up and sign in with connected social network account (Facebook, Twitter). Forget and renew password
- Profile: Basic profile information with Photo, Friend.
- Friending action on public profile (add, accept, reject friend request)
Personal activity feed with full functioning as home feed. Block/unblock a profile
- Top mini menu: Push notification. Instant update for friend request, new message, new notification. Infinite scrolling
- News feed: Sharing status with content types: text, photo. Show full feeds and favorite contents. Delete own feed item. Well arranged layout for engagement function: comment, like
- Friends and Members: Full list of friends and members with instant search by display name. Instant send message to each friend
- Mail/Message: sending message is now easier with mobile application. Your members are allowed to compose and reply message instantly. Members are able to view the content of a mail with option to reply or delete. Allow member to view inbox mail, sent mail.
- Photos and albums: your members will experience a fast way to browse, add/ edit album details. Members now have the ability to capture and upload a photo instantly from mobile. Your members are allowed to rate, comment and share a photo
- Video: sharing any moment of life to friend. Upload video by external link (YouTube), or from device. Well privacy configuration. Comment/Rating video. Play video
- Event is now also available with many valuable features: Provide members the ability to create, edit and participate in an event. Allow a member to view past, my events and invitations. Complete RSVP flow as on website. Show number of attendees of an event
- Chat: Real time new message notification. Contact list with well status color code and instant search. Smooth conversation flow
- Forum: Forum landing with full list of forum. Well design for browsing topics or posts. Topic detailed with reply an quote post. Can perform many actions for topic and post such as add/edit/delete item
- Group: List out all groups and some newest members for each group in landing page. Complete Join/Leave/follow/invite flow as on website. Allow group owner to manage members such as: invite member, delete member
- Blog: All blogs are displayed in stylish design. User’s blogs are display in chronological order. Blog detail page is organized to fit inside a small screen. Users have ability to create blog with all fields supported just like full site.
- Social Connect use native feature for Facebook
- Support offline mode
- Support push notification
- Add option to turn off the sound of push notification (Android only)
- Support some native gesture
- Support native controls
- Support settings
- Support device orientation


**Version 1.01p2

1. Release Date: February 18, 2016

2. Best Compatibility: Oxwall 1.8.x

3. Bugs Fixed:
User can't comment on group's status
Improve loading speed of Group Listing page
Error message 'Alert - can not load data from server' in Member section when server uses PHP version older than 5.4
App not work after registration when some fields are required in profile but not required at signup

4. Changed Files

**Version 1.01p1

1. Release Date: November 23, 2015

2. Best Compatibility: Oxwall 1.8.x

3. Bugs Fixed:
Can not create forum topic
Forum topic still exists when removing the last post
Can not log in when "Guests can view the site" setting is No
Push notification does not work on iPad
Chat doesn't work when user open chat from header message icon
Main feed can not load when having feed of comment status
Can not load Photos
Some sections can not load in debug mode
Can not login when "Confirm email" setting is unchecked
Can not search friends when database prefix is not as default
Shows "Deleted member" instead of the username on BIRTHDAY status in feed
Miss attachment in feed when sharing external link on full site
The feed on mobile app shows {$user1}, {$user2} when user comments on a feed of friendship
Menu and some phrases can't be translated
Receive alert of wrong parameter conversationid when reloading a chat message
Not show number of notification badge
Support to sync account when existing email when logging in with FB on mobile app
Not sign out app after editing email
Wrong user avatar in birthday feed
Missing space in feed's headline
Can not go to member profile in Member section of Group Detail

4. Improvements:
Support to sync account with existing email when logging in with FB on mobile app
Support push notification for message and chat

5. Changed Files

**Version 1.01

1. Release Date: May 21, 2015

2. Feature
Support Activity notifications plugin
Support Birthdays plugin
Support Blogs plugin
Support Events plugin
Support Friends plugin
Support Forum plugin
Support Groups plugin
Support Messages plugin
Support Newsfeed plugin
Support Photo plugin
Support Privacy plugin
Support Video plugin
Support Quick Login by Facebook connect, Twitter
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So far so good, fast responses after I paid for there app. Cant wait to my app once its done! :D

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Sep 10 '15
Bresdel Inc
Thank for Mobile App

Best mobile application, with a technical assistant at the listening of the customer, always ready to help and satisfy the customer. I suggest you go you will not regret it. Thank you

Was it helpful? Yes·No Helpful for 1 out of 1 people

Bresdel Inc,
Oct 9 '15