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Attachments | plugin


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Published Jun 22 '20

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Plugin title Attachments
Item published Sergey Kambalin
Category Collaboration, Social networking
Price $20
Compatible with 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.3, 1.8.4
Demo page demo.oxpro.org
License OSCL
Terms of Use view
Description Allows users to add media content like photos ( with optional GIFs support ), video, links right from `newsfeed`.

Supported Features:
Photo, Video, Links
Total product rate

Based on 19 reviews

Customer reviews


This does EXACTLY what I wanted! When users post an image in Newsfeed, the image also goes directly to the site's "Photos" area, complete with the most recent, in the Photos box. It installed, perfectly and it functions perfectly. Thank you, Sergey!

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Feb 12 '13
Exaspian Studios
Plugin Review from Exaspian Studios Reviews

Usability: 10/10 - Not once in the whole time I've been on Oxwall, even before I started doing reviews have I found such a useful plugin! I have to say that Sergey has out done himself to the full extent this time! I would recommend this plugin to any major Oxwall site as a complete must-have! Features: 10/10 - It does everything it says and more. The detail on this plugin is so fine that you can even set the name of the photo album posted photos go into! I mean how insane is that? I think that this plugin should be much, much more popular than it currently is! Graphics: 10/10 - Has the ability to make any Oxwall post look exceptional. Not too much to say about the graphics on this plugin. They're perfect and that's that. Spelling and grammar: 10/10 - No spelling errors as far as I can see. Also comes with a fully editable language file that can change every string in the entire plugin. Useful. Code Review: 9.5/10 - Near damn perfect! As usual the only problem is the fact it is uncommented but the code is generally simple enough for the users to understand. Final Rating: 10/10 - No needed improvement! Overall I had to give this plugin a 10/10 for all the hard work and features that went into it. Despite the code only getting a 9.5 for lack of commenting - I added a 0.5 because of how easy the plugin developer is to communicate with! Service is perfect, plugin is perfect and the code is near perfect. Very please with this plugin and with Sergey for letting me borrow it to test out! A plugin that is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any Oxwall based website! This is the kind of thing I would like to see included with the newer Oxwall distributions! A special thanks to Sergey Kambalin for lending me the plugin to test out!

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Exaspian Studios,
Feb 17 '13


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