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YNO - Ultimate News | plugin

YNO - Ultimate News

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Last updated Apr 11 '16
Published Jun 25 '13

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Plugin title YNO - Ultimate News
Item published YouNetCo
Category Social networking, Utilities
Price $40
Compatible with 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.3, 1.8.4
Demo page oxwall.demo.younetco.com/ynnews
License OSCL
Terms of Use view
ReadMe view
Ultimate News keeps your members up to date with the latest news all around the world. With this plug-in, you are able to get news from famous providers to serve your members easily. More importantly,... Ultimate News keeps your members up to date with the latest news all around the world. With this plug-in, you are able to get news from famous providers to serve your members easily. More importantly, your member will get news with full content. In other words, whenever your members would like to read news, they do not have to navigate away to the source providers anymore because they can read directly on your site. Especially, Cron Job is also applied to help you get news automatically. Your site will always have burning articles to attract members.

- Allow admin to add feeds from providers to get news
- Enable admin to manage all feeds and news
- Admin is able to feature news
- Admin can give some specific members permission to manage news and feeds
- News can be fully read on your site
- Search by category
- Members are able to view and favorite a piece of news


**Version 1.02p3

1. Release Date: January 19th, 2015

2. Improvements
Add option to change favicon

3. Fix Bugs
Should delete the tag if it is empty

4. Changed Files
ynnews/controllers/feed.php - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/feed_add.html - edited
ynnews/bol/news_dao.php - edited
ynnews/bol/news_service.php - edited

**Version 1.02p2

1. Release Date: December 03rd, 2014

2. Fix Bugs
Some news does not have full content as original link
Update API Parser to support tag

3. Changed Files
ynnews/libs/RSSFeed/YnRSSReader.php - edited

**Version 1.02p1

1. Release Date: November 20th, 2014

2. Fix Bugs
Missing meta keywords column.

3. Changed Files
ynnews/install.php - edited

**Version 1.02

1. Release Date: November 15th, 2014

2. Improvements
Auto delete old News (setting number of days for removing the old news by cron job).
Number of feeds will be get by cron job.
Tags for Feeds/News.
Active/ de-active category.
Meta Keywords for Feeds/News.
Number of RSS Providers displayed on homepage.
Number of related news displayed on detail.
Auto approved news posted by these users.
Auto approved rss provider added by these users.

3. Changed files
ynnews/update/5 - added
ynnews/components/news_list_feed_homepage.php - edited
ynnews/components/news_list_search_result_homepage.php - edited
ynnews/components/news_detail_widget.php - edited
ynnews/components/tags_widget.php - added
ynnews/components/top_news_widget.php - edited
ynnews/components/manage_feed_list.php - edited
ynnews/components/news_list_widget.php - edited
ynnews/components/related_news.php - edited
ynnews/components/manage_news_list.php - edited
ynnews/components/slidehow_widget.php - edited
ynnews/components/search_form.php - edited
ynnews/activate.php - edited
ynnews/cron.php - edited
ynnews/init.php - edited
ynnews/install.php - edited
ynnews/views/components/manage_news_list.html - edited
ynnews/views/components/news_list_feed_homepage.html - edited
ynnews/views/components/news_list_search_result_homepage.html - edited
ynnews/views/components/news_detail_widget.html - edited
ynnews/views/components/tags_widget.html - added
ynnews/views/components/manage_feed_list.html - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/admin_add_category.html - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/admin_index.html - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/news_add.html - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/admin_category.html - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/news_view.html - edited
ynnews/views/controllers/feed_add.html - edited
ynnews/classes/helper.php - edited
ynnews/classes/query_news.php - edited
ynnews/classes/permission.php - edited
ynnews/classes/query_feed.php - edited
ynnews/plugin.xml - edited
ynnews/deactivate.php - edited
ynnews/langs.zip - edited
ynnews/controllers/news.php - edited
ynnews/controllers/feed.php - edited
ynnews/controllers/admin.php - edited
ynnews/bol/news_service.php - edited
ynnews/bol/category_service.php - edited
ynnews/bol/general_service.php - edited
ynnews/bol/news_dao.php - edited
ynnews/bol/category_dao.php - edited
ynnews/bol/feed.php - edited
ynnews/bol/news.php - edited
ynnews/bol/category.php - edited
ynnews/bol/feed_service.php - edited
ynnews/bol/feed_dao.php - edited

**Version 1.01p3

1. Release Date: May 26, 2014

2. Improvements
Support add any news widget for the home (main and dashboard).
Add HTML/RSS widget on Browse News page and Detail news page

3. Changed files

**Version 1.01p2

1. Release Date: April 1, 2014

2. Fix bugs
Fix bug broken-text display in manage Feeds.
Fix bug feature slider layout is unacceptable.

3. Changed files

**Version 1.01p1

1. Release Date: July 1, 2013

2. Fix bugs
Fix bug get key event in ynnews.
Fix bug missing close div tag.
Fix bug broken text in manage feeds.

3. Changed files

**Version 1.01

1. Release Date: June 14, 2013
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Customer reviews

Webster Molaudi
Worth buying

I bought this plugins and im loving it, keeps my networks busy and updated with news from all over the internet, my members dont need to go out reading news elsewhere....Saves me the time of always getting news into my network Well done

Was it helpful? Yes·No Helpful for 1 out of 2 people

Webster Molaudi,
Jul 14 '13
Ebony Wood
Not worth $40 at all!. Still needs some more work!

This Plugin is a very good idea. Evidently the Author of this plugin has put a lot of effort in it. But it is not yet worth $40 at all! At most even $20 is a high price to pay for this plugin. The plugin is very similar in operation and features to the $10 Auto-blogger plugin, and also uses RSS feeds to collect, aggregate and store then display articles and blogs on intended website These are some things that need fixing or improvement. 1 - It has no widget to display news articles on the home front page. News can only viewed by clicking the 'News' Link on main menu. Its widget is only found on the news page. (unless of course the user knows how to create this plugin widget on front home page. I dont know how to do that) 2 - It is supposed to display the new NEWS articles on the home page's Newsfeed, but it does not work 80% of the time. So new news articles are not being displayed on the home page. 3 - I had thought that because this plugin was $40, it had the ability to collected photos from NEWS articles as well. But it does not collect photos. I wish it did. But I understand the process can be complicated. 4 - SEO integration is poor and needs more work. The website title and article category title does not show on search engines. Only the article's title shows and yet it contains the name of original website which it was aggregated from. This is bad considering I would want to promote my website not the other website. Even the bread crumb view sometimes does not show category title for certain articles or it is completely missing for some articles. I will try it farther and comment some more later.

Was it helpful? Yes·No Helpful for 1 out of 1 people

Ebony Wood,
Aug 29 '13