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Setting up Oxwall | Forum

Daniel O'Sullivan
Daniel O'Sullivan Apr 3 '13
Hello all, I am new here and new to Oxwall. I am trying to set up a new social network for friends of mine from college and have come across Oxwall, now I have downloaded, uploaded and even started the installation process however I am getting stuck at the point where:

A) It tells me to copy and replace an existing code into ow_includes/config.php

Now I do this and I save the .php file and when I click continue all it does then is give me a blank page.

B) Create a cron job that runs ow_cron/run.php

Okay so when I try to do this nothing seems to happen. I'm not sure of what I am doing here though by looking at the manual for setting up cron jobs then I am doing things correctly yet whenever I do them all I get is a new search page either popping up from Google which tells me that it doesn't recognise the link.

So where am I going wrong? Looking further down the manual I notice you can also install it through SSH though where I am hosting the site it doesn't have SSH.

Is there a way of installing Oxwall without cron jobs or do I need to get cron jobs running?
If I do need to get it running then how exactly would I do it?

Edit ~
I've finally figured out where I was going wrong after watching a video over Youtube on how to correctly install Oxwall.
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Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 4 '13
Glad to hear that videos on how to install Oxwall are helpful.