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Problem with your hosting Recommended (besocialhost) | Forum

Daniele Carollo
Daniele Carollo Apr 8 '13
I bought domain hosting from besocialhost (recommended by you). I paid but I never received anything. I opened ticket, sent emal, requested assistance but no one has contacted me. Now I opened a dispute with paypal. Bad service! How come you recommended this provider??
Pete Apr 9 '13
I dont know whats up with Paul lately ,i sent him a chat script to look at for me ,when i treid to message him about it ,he just ignored me ,it makes me angry because he could of said no if he did not want to do it .He should not say he will do things if he does not have the time .Paul runs that hosting
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Den Team
Den Apr 9 '13
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Shaun Apr 9 '13
Hi. I have my hosting from Paul (besocial) and wanted add my thoughts here.

Whilst i have found i have not had the level of services and access as regards to the control pannel for the hosting i have had a very good service from Paul.

Paul has always been very quick to offer support and has on occasion gone beyond my expectations with his help. If your not receaving emeails from him it could be he is emailing from his own communities email adress. Confused the hell out of me when i first got a reply from him from that email adress.

If you give him chance I am sure you will find him invaluable to help get you up and running.

Shaun Apr 25 '13

May have spkoe too soon.


Don't like to post messaged like this on a public forum but it may be the only way I have to contact you Paul.


My site has has been down for the last two days and going down on and off for the last couple of weeks. I have tried to contact you to find out whats happening but despite 4 emails sent to your be social email address and 1 through oxwall I still have not had a reply from you to say what the problem is, what your doing to solve the problem or even a time when the hosting will be back up.


I hope to hear from you soon or I may have no choice but assume that you no longer intend to provide hosting as a service and seek hosting elsewhere.


I don't want to jump the gun because you was brilliant in the begining and I hope this is just a hiccup but I really do need to know whats happening.


Also your the link from oxwalls recomended hosting is down too.

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Joseph Apr 25 '13
honestly outside point of view here but arvixe was the best I found for start up oxwall sites and after a while I moved to other hosts who claimed to be able to handle oxwall with no luck I finally stopped and posted on a developer site that I needed a server set up and now I host in the cloud had the guy set me up and I have been happy ever since but I will say cloud isnt cheap if you are looking to go cheap you are not looking to be a successful network I learned this the hard way and spent the last year rebuilding what I lost cause I wanted to save a buck rather than put in what was needed so my users were satisfied I will tell you it really sucks having over 10 thousand members and barely 1 thousand of those active in the site now I was set back almost 2 years from 3 months of the site being up and down so think and learn from my experience guys
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 27 '13
yea my honest opinion is arvixe is the way to go! they have a 1 800  # thats open 24/7  so you really cant beat that. Also HALF of them know what there doing!
bobbi Apr 27 '13
we were with arvixe and had constant cpu and vm spikes, arvixe response up your package to business class or get vps server hosting, so we moved the site to be socail hosting, which on the whole has been good, there was a issue the lat few days but it has been sorted so shaun your site should be up now, ours came up last night
Shaun Apr 27 '13
Hi Bobbi

Glad to hear Paul has sorted things out for you, He was brilliant for me in the begining. unfortunatly I have heard nothing from him despite all the emails.

I have tried logging in to my control pannel but it is still down at the time of writing this reply so is the link to his be social hosting company from the recommended host's by Oxwall.

I am really gutted as Paul live's fairly close to me in the UK and as the site grew I was hoping to work with him on plugins and also maybe ask him to show me some basics of php to help me run the site all with the offer of payment of course.

As it now I have moved my hosting to Host for web and am desperatly trying to upload an old backup of my site using DATA importer but even that does not seem to be working for me lol.

I am a little bitter. All Paul had to do was send an email saying sorry about the site being down but I will get it up as soon as possible. Instead he just dissapeard. I have emailed him through here (Oxwall), through his be social email support account and even through his pagan friends community site with no reply. He has basicly took my money and dissapeard.

I had only just started my site so have not lost much but for anyone who has lost alot more Paul's address is available on the internet. It did not take me long to find it knowing he is the director of Pagan Media LTD

I do not suggest banging on his door causing trouble but it is at least an oppertunity if you have lost alot of money to make contact with him and discuss refunds / access to data and files.

Really don't like this type of posting in a public forum and for that I appologise.
bobbi Apr 27 '13
the plesk panel is still down, there was a fire at the server site the hosting company have fixed the major problems and paul is fixing the rest, he replied to me this morning,

he should of kept us updated that was his mistake,

Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 27 '13
lol arvixe will comp you a month if there is a problem and you guys get what you pay for! Their shared hosting plans have more people using them then others hosts because they provide good service. Im on a VPS with them and I will tell you this. Anytime my site has been down for more then a hour or two my month has been free. Anytime I have a problem I call and they fix it!  

Paul asked me to let him be my host but like yea right... he wont even fix my $5 plugin!

Shaun Apr 27 '13
Just to point out the reason i went with paul is because his hosting was listed as a recomended host on this site. <br/>
Peple trust this site to vet those that they recommend.
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Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн May 17 '13

Quote from bobbi we were with arvixe and had constant cpu and vm spikes, arvixe response up your package to business class or get vps server hosting, so we moved the site to be socail hosting, which on the whole has been good, there was a issue the lat few days but it has been sorted so shaun your site should be up now, ours came up last night

There may be many reasons as to why you spike cpu, sloooow page loads can be 1 of them,,, while yes Arvixe holds tighter rules especially when utilizing shared hosting, the whole idea is to have an efficient running site, from what I'm seeing your not running efficient, look here:
Page load time: 8.82s
Total page size: 4.51MB
Total number of requests: 259
Page Speed Grade: (43%)

Somethings will definitely need tweaking especially considering your score is at below 50%..

Here, check this out at: Dogpawfile performance report Note the list of recommendations, clicking below this list per link will explain what needs to do in order to get your performance up.

Check out the differences here:

Side by side comparison below: Click to enlarge.

It took me over a week to get mine down, I assure it was a task, while Fetishi is a mere few months new
it still took a long time, I use (on a shared server) the File UP-loader plug-in, I keep this page from members as I use it 4 only 1 reason and thats to Up-load videos, I then extract the embed from that video-file and post at video pages, some videos up/close to 2gig, I have over 200G just in videos alone..

Images I measured at around 24Gig thus far, over 300 text files in access of 40,000 characters each at the forum that I have w/In the Group --> Fantasy Story Haven,,, plug-ins up the ying-yangi including the all famous cpu hungry Anti-Spammer,,,  point being, content/File-wise it's a huge/Heavy site, keeping it running efficiently is just another important task a webmaster has to face, tending this particular task is a daily battle, last thing members want is a slow running site, especially those that still run near or around the 256K dial-up speeds, also those from cell phones etc..

Some more Side by Side comparison examples as follows per Attachment....

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  Fetishi-vs-Adobe-Home.jpg (393.84Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-AOL-Home.jpg (335.56Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-Ebay.jpg (319.62Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-OMG-Home.jpg (361.81Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-Oxwall-Home.jpg (347.36Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-Pingdom-Home-page.jpg (300.22Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-Shopzilla.jpg (334.81Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-TMZ-Home.jpg (345.44Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-ASK.png (347.03Kb)
  Fetishi-vs-GoDaddy.jpg (315.04Kb)
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