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So what does it do? - CloudFlare integration | Forum

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Apr 20 '13
What does it do?
Steve Winter
Steve Winter May 9 '13
What does it add to the normal cloudflare.
Don May 11 '13
I have a related question. I can get cloudflare with this module, or through my host. Is one way better than the other, or is either way fine?
Steve Winter
Steve Winter May 11 '13
You get cloudflare from www.cloudflare.com but I would like some clue as to how this plugin makes cloudflare work any better
Don May 11 '13
Yes, but you can get a module from here to install it for your domain, or I can also get it through my hosting provider. (Justhost.com) I already have it through my hosting provider for another website I own, but don't have it setup yet for my domain that uses Oxwall. For that domain I'm unsure weather to setup Cloudflare through my hosting provider, or using the Oxwall module.

So your question and mine are closely related.

Alia Team
Alia May 16 '13
CloudFlare plugin manual can be found here http://docs.oxwall.org/plugin-tuts:cloudflare
Steve Winter
Steve Winter May 16 '13
Quote from Aliia CloudFlare plugin manual can be found here http://docs.oxwall.org/plugin-tuts:cloudflare

That tells how to set up cloudflare which I already had set up.  It tells NOTHING about what the cloudflare plugin does.
Alia Team
Alia May 16 '13
>>What does it add to the normal cloudflare.

Steve, nothing special. Our plugin just makes things easier. You as site admin don't have to manually dig into the source code to add certain code lines. Plugin does this automatically.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter May 16 '13
On other sites cloudflare requires no modification it just caches things and does security stuff.  I am not sure what could be changed from the website end.   

I am asking what changes the plugin makes, what does it actually do?

Don May 27 '13
On another site I have where I use Cloudflare, I had problems with a couple of javascripts that wouldn't work right with it. I had to add code into the pages so that Cloudflare wouldn't do anything with those pieces of Javascript.
Chris Nov 29 '13
I have Cloudflare on 2 web sites now and only heard of it when I installed Oxwall.  All I did was tick a box for the Forum, but it says that Cloudflare has to be activated for the rest of the web site to work at all.  Like Don, I don't really know what the module does over and above what Cloudflare does in any case.  It does seem superfluous.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Nov 30 '13
Cloudflare messed up my Oxwall by slowing it to a crawl.  On other websites and Simple Machines forum it seems to speed things up.
Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Dec 1 '13
Cloudflare is pretty good really, when tested Oxwall script out of the box gave me a Performance grade of around 67/100, soon after activating Cloudflare I hit near 80/100, loved the results so much I decided to upgrade my account to Pro, ever since my site has been holding a steady 93/100,, and keep in mind these things:

1.) I use shared hosting
2.) public_html/ is at over 100 gigabytes
3.) 52 of the 73 plugins I have loaded are active

JoshWho May 28 '15
I would like to know what it exactly does also. I use cloudflare and do not use this plugin.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 11 '15
This plugin just implements the CloudFlare service. You can integrate this service manually through the code and repeat the integration every time you perform the platform update. Or simply install this plugin and configure it once for all.
JoshWho Aug 13 '15
I'm still not understanding. I don't have to use any code on my site for cloudflare. it all works through dns. 

Are you saying this will translate the Ip addresses to the real ip's so you wont see cloudflares Ip addresses for your users?

Does this clear cloudflares cache automatically when you decide to clear cache through oxwall?

I would like some kind of break down on what this plugin actually does.

There are no settings for it and I can't tell if it doesn't do anything different when I enabled it or disabled it.

The Forum post is edited by JoshWho Aug 13 '15
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 14 '15

JoshWho, to tie the CloudFlare service with your site or server - you definitely should add a code which will detect what site/server they receive the requests from. 

If the CloudFlare works with your site without adding any code into the site source code - this means that the CloudFlare service is connected on the server level. In this case there is no need to use our plugin or adding any code to the site source code. 

Once again, our plugin just implements the CloudFlare service - this plugin allows you to connect your site to the CloudFlare service. All other settings, cache clearing, DNS configurations or any other action can be performed at the CloudFlare account: https://www.cloudflare.com/

JoshWho Aug 14 '15
ok now i understand, and yes i have the cloudflare Apache module installed on my server.
OW-Ghost Aug 5 '19
i would like to know the same :) ...someone told the ini file have some code inside...i will take a look ...
CrowdJournals LLC
CrowdJournals LLC Dec 16 '20
Any results if this plugin is still good?
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