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Fail to manual Update from 1.4.1 to 1.5.3 | Forum

Andiga Dompak
Andiga Dompak Apr 21 '13
Hi all,
Please help me how to update Oxwall 1.4.1 to 1.5.3 manually.
I have followed this link http://docs.oxwall.org/install:update#manual-update .
But when I open my mysite.com/ow_updates it's showing like this :

OW Debug - Notice Message: Use of undefined constant OW_DB_HOST - assumed 'OW_DB_HOST' File: /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/ow.php Line: 100

OW Debug - Notice Message: Use of undefined constant OW_DB_USER - assumed 'OW_DB_USER' File: /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/ow.php Line: 101

OW Debug - Notice Message: Use of undefined constant OW_DB_PASSWORD - assumed 'OW_DB_PASSWORD' File: /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/ow.php Line: 102

OW Debug - Notice Message: Use of undefined constant OW_DB_NAME - assumed 'OW_DB_NAME' File: /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/ow.php Line: 104

OW Debug - Exception

Message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2005] Unknown MySQL server host 'OW_DB_HOST' (0) File: /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/database.php Line: 214 Trace: #0 /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/database.php(244): OW_Database->__construct(Array) #1 /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_core/ow.php(124): OW_Database::getInstance(Array) #2 /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_updates/classes/updater.php(39): OW::getDbo() #3 /home3/tarihora/public_html/TarihoranFace/ow_updates/index.php(50): Updater::getDbo() #4 {main} Type: InvalidArgumentException

Please help me how can update this properly. I am using bluehost for my hosting.
Thanks in advance.


Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 22 '13
Can you PM me your FTP and Cpanel access details?
Andiga Dompak
Andiga Dompak Jun 12 '13
I still dont know how to solve this.. please somebody help me..
thanks in advance
ross Team
ross Jun 12 '13
Please, send me in the private message access details to FTP and CPanel, we'll try to solve the issue. 
Andiga Dompak
Andiga Dompak Jun 15 '13
Hi Ross,

please check  PM
ross Team
ross Jun 25 '13

you have sent not all details, please keep us updated

Andiga Dompak
Andiga Dompak Jul 1 '13
I have sent you my details..
please check your PM..
Thanks Ross
ross Team
ross Jul 1 '13

Please, give us sometime to solve the issue. 

TJ Jul 15 '13
Hello I have no idea if I'm posting in correct place but I wonder if anyone would be able to 

do an upgrade from 1.4.0 to the lastest version for me. I have tried several times and keep 

getting errors . I  have a back up of my website and would be happy to send over my ftp 

details if someone can help me out? 

The Forum post is edited by TJ Jul 15 '13
ross Team
ross Jul 15 '13
What kind of errors do you get?
TJ Jul 15 '13
On the first attempt, all our members data was lost and certain 

things did not work upon clearing cache such as being unable 

to post / delete a comment and use admin .. 

I have reverted back to 1.4.0 so it's all back to normal . I am not an 

expert so maybe I did something wrong. But if someone can point 

me in the right direction or do it for me that would be great. 

Forgot to say I am wanting to upgrade to 1.5.3 !!! 

The Forum post is edited by TJ Jul 15 '13
TJ Jul 16 '13
Thought I'd update , unsure if I am doing anything wrong here 

but at the moment I am using a trial website so no problem with 

losing members data. When using ftp to transfer photo's for example. 

They transfer but do not show on website. Any idea why? 

The Forum post is edited by TJ Jul 16 '13
ross Team
ross Jul 16 '13

can you PM your cpanel, ftp and admin access details, I'll take a look? 

FolkBG Jul 18 '13

Quote from Andiga Dompak ndiga Dompak
How to install your old version correct?This a code on ow.php in lines - 100,101,102,103 on new version 1.5.3.Maybe anyway on old version not update correct.Have you changed anything in your files? and to remove something in the original code?

                'host' => OW_DB_HOST,
                'username' => OW_DB_USER,
                'password' => OW_DB_PASSWORD,
                'dbname' => OW_DB_NAME
The Forum post is edited by FolkBG Jul 18 '13
Andiga Dompak
Andiga Dompak Jul 23 '13
Ross until now, my oxwall  still on version 1.4.1.
I dont know how to fix this.

ross Team
ross Jul 23 '13
Andiga it still says that your version is up to date