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Bug report: CKEditor looks and behaves differently in different places - Site CKEditor | Forum

Henrik Apr 21 '13
Thanks for a great initiative and effort! CKEditor seems to be a nice editor and I am really glad to see a plugin that makes it possible to use the CKEditor inside Oxwall!

I have three bug reports:

1) The CKEditor shows some erroneous extra space between paragraphs when forum posts are edited. When editing blog posts, everything looks the way it should.

2) The Source button appears when old blog and forum posts are edited, but not when new ones are written. Furthermore, this happens even when the HTML input is turned off in the admin area. If I understand it correctly, the CKEditor prevent users from adding malicious code, so this is not a security threat, but a consistent behavior would still be nice.

3) The native editor still shows up in the newsfeed, on the profile wall, and in the mailbox.

I also have one suggestion:

One problem with the native editor is that pasting formatted text into the editor gives unpredictable results. The CKEditor has filters that can be used to address this kind of issues. For example, there is the option forcePasteAsPlainText for removing formatting. There are other options for texts written in Word. I suggest that these kind of filters are activated.

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matt May 5 '13
Yes! I notice that when editing blogs, no editor appears at all. This will mean I will have to uninstall for the time being.

A more functional editor is much needed for oxwall. If we can encourage the dev to do the fixes and add functionality- I think I can safely say that we are happy to pay for the plugin.

site May 6 '13
Hey thanks for the feedback and suggestions. What version of oxwall are you using? No editor appearing for blogs or erroneous extra space for forum posts I haven't been able to reproduce on my end (when using oxwall 1.5.1).


2) The editor should just be mimicking what the native editor does wherein the CKEditor Source button is in place of the native editor Insert HTML button.

3) I had considered these areas plain text areas and not native editor places. Perhaps they also should be html text edited.

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matt May 6 '13
Hi Site, Were running the latest version. 1.53.

Thanks for your great work, I hope we can find a solution to the new version of oxwalls compatibility.

Henrik May 6 '13

I also use version 1.5.3.

2) Then the source button does not behave as intended on my installation.

3) Yes, I think that would be a good idea.

Please let me know if you need screen prints or any other information!
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