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too many redirects | Forum

Mikee Apr 30 '13
uploaded unzipped folder via ftp to webserver.

Ran www.bluegnus.co.za/install

got the isntall screens as provided in installation file on this website

after completing details, and creating DB etc etc it started installing.

Then it gave me:

The webpage athttp://www.bluegnus.co.za/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/%7B$site_url%7D%7B$site_url%7Dinstall/requirements has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

I have looked at other ideas around this on google but none say how to install on Hetzners hosting

Den Team
Den May 3 '13
Topic was moved from General Chat.
Alia Team
Alia May 14 '13
Mikee, were you able to fix the issue?
If not, can you enable DEV mode in config.php?