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Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Dec 19 '13
that sounds amazing 
Austeyr Dec 19 '13
your are crushing it paul, great work..
Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Dec 19 '13
yey cant wait 
Kieron H Leader
Kieron H Dec 22 '13
Quote from FoxTechs One more preview as a early Christmas present. Happy holidays everyone!

A few more bugs to clear out, and this should be cleared for takeoff!


love it thanks 
Austeyr Dec 23 '13
Awesome With a Capital A, merry xmas guys keep safe.
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Dec 23 '13
Great work guys. Looking forward to this one. We were going to start this project a while back then we saw this thread and have been following since. Any ideas on a release date or price?

Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Dec 23 '13
awesoem. If you would like a tester in the mean time. lol I am here. hahaha
Austeyr Jan 7 '14
Awesome Guys, just done some shifting around of my site so this plugin will be even more useful than before. Good luck with the testing and making sure everything works 100% before releasing. 
Suresh Sep 23 '14
Any update on this? 
Sven Jul 9 '18
Any updates on a hashtags function? Would also be great in the hobbies section of the profiles ! 
Patrick Reed
Patrick Reed Aug 19
Anything more on this yet? Hashtags site wide have kind of become a required utility. :D 
G1 Sep 7
Sounds great
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