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spammers! spammers! spammers! | Forum

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new May 22 '13
Here are spammers in my site:::
Alia Team
Alia May 23 '13
Thank you for screens . We will check this.
Paul M.
Paul M. May 23 '13
I was having the same problems. Tons of payday loan type spam. I noticed all the spam traffic was coming from India so I blocked the whole country via .htaccess. You can use this site to help you with this, http://www.incredibill.me/htaccess-block-country-ips.php. This worked like a charm for me.
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new May 30 '13
when the problem can be corrected then it should be. i think oxwall should work on it. blocking any country doesn't solve the problem. 
Paul M.
Paul M. May 31 '13
Blocking India was merely a suggestion. It works for me because my site is for US only visitors. If you are having a problem with the same guy over and over again get his IP from the base_user table under joinIp and block it. Also this is hardly an Oxwall issue. Thats like blaming your car for flies for hitting your windshield.
new May 31 '13
thanks, at least now i know about IP of user when they join. This is cool. 
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ross Team
ross Jun 3 '13
We've added a new post on antispam solutions: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/11284 . Please, take your time to read it. 
new Jun 3 '13
this watch dog stuff. really this doesnt work.i have tried it out.  it causes problem to my site and ends up in 500.phtml error. i have posted on forum and no response to correct it. 
ross Team
ross Jun 3 '13
as it was said in the post, you can try any of the antispam plugins, watchdog is just an example, you are free to try out other solutions indicated in the post to decrease the amount or get rid of spammers. as to the 500 error, please give us some time, we'll definitely handle it asap. 
ali Apr 11 '23
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