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John Rambo
John Rambo Aug 5 '10
How to install whith wampservor in local? I try but this dont work.
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Den Team
Den Aug 5 '10
Installation process with wampserver is the same as here:
1) Upload Oxwall software files to public_html folder of your Virtual Host
2) Create Mysql database
3) Run installation by typing-in your browser http://yourvirtualhost/install/

What exactly didn't work when you try it?
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John Rambo
John Rambo Aug 7 '10

host: localhost
user: root
password: blank (nothing)
database name: oxwall (I create it before install in phpmyadmin)
table prefix ow_

answer: could not connect to database... is it a data base password problem?
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Steve Aug 9 '10
I have d same problem, no answers?
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Nirmal Aug 9 '10

This is due to the port configuration, which is not set by default. Set the port to your mysql port "3306". You must set it in the core :: database.php.

Search for "$port = isset($params['port']) ? (int)$params['port'] : null; //TODO set default values"

Then try installing again.
Den Team
Den Aug 11 '10
Yes, Nirman is right. Please, specify Database connection port on core/database.php
celina Aug 14 '10
I have the same problem
Found the line in the database.php which looks like this:

$port = isset($params['port']) ? (int)$params['port'] : null; //TODO set default values"

Can someone tell me where/how to change it to set it to mysql port "3306"?
I'm new to this and tried just about anything but only get error messages
Nirmal Aug 14 '10
Hello Celina,

Here is the complete modify line, but make sure your mysql is running on port "3306"

$port = isset($params['port']) ? (int)$params['port'] : 3306;

And if ever you are having any error messge, please specify it here. Ok
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 15 '10
Checking my error logs trying to install the site I get this mesage:
error "my ip address" Notice : Use of undefined constant OW_URL_HOME in "install dir"\\ow_includes\\config.php on line 5 referrer my site addressinstall/data-base

Also same error for line 6 on the config.php.

The deleted user is me. I posted just as my session seemed to time out or something!!! (Maybe another bug? LOL)

Any ideas?
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Melvs Camasis
Melvs Camasis Sep 12 '10
Hi Guys,

I have this error when i tried installing locally

Den Team
Den Sep 13 '10
Would you check it with this manual?
Công Sep 28 '10
Would you check it with this manual?

Can you guide us detail ?
i cant understand code.

i used hosting free of byethost.com,
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Den Team
Den Sep 28 '10
Sure, what exactly?
TJ Nov 12 '10
Second day of no dice with xampp linux variety local environment. All system requirements are met, tried changing the database line to include default port.

Installing 1.0 rc2 on a fresh lampp setup and still getting that database error on step 2.

Turned on dev mode and debugging but no logs or errors are thrown except the annoying "undefined constant OW_URL_HOME".

Sys requirements are good.

New to the community but have really been enjoying this software on wallfm and i want to learn more (themes and plugins) on a local machine

Going to poke around function db() in ow_install/controllers/install.php ...
TJ Nov 13 '10
incredibly dumb on my part

HOW TO install oxwall 1.0rc2 on a xampp server with "Could not connect to Database" error

1. host should be set to not localhost. (i don't know why, something to xampp pdo)
2. database user must have a password set (if using root)
Bjorn Nov 13 '10
Also if you install local, you need to check if the mysql is searching all address.
You can have a database server that only check for connection from external IP.
It myst be set to listen to "localhost", "" and your external IP.
You must remove the "bind", and set "Skip networking" to yes.
Also you need to check in the mysql "root" database, that user can connect to localhost or
Den Team
Den Nov 15 '10
Thanks for your suggestions guys. I will Stick this topic for others
Stefan Sep 26 '11
Please check this thread, you might find something to help you.
Database Bug Report 
The database issue is a bug which is triggered by having a blank password like on local installs.
Stefan Sep 26 '11
I should add that, the port issue might also be tricky. The code for checking posts is potentially buggy.
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