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SQL Error when installing V1.5.3 on a local AMPPS stack [Solved] | Forum

Billy Kan
Billy Kan May 20 '13

Hello all,

I am trying to install Oxwall on a local machine (Macbook Air) to give a try on it. According to the installation manual it's easier with the Softaculous AMPPS stack so I've installed it to my machine.

After starting Apache and MySQL on the stack, I continue to install Oxwall from the app page. I filled in all the information and kick off the installation. A progress bar appeared but it stopped at 95%. The following error messages appear.

Could not make the query numbered : 243

MySQL Error No : 1064
MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 5

I am really new to AMPPS and Oxwall so don't have any clue on this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


The Forum post is edited by Alia May 30 '13
Pulkit May 21 '13

I am from the Softaculous AMPPS team.

Can you please open a support ticket with us we will check it and resolve the issue for you.
Pulkit May 24 '13

The solution to this issue is :
1. Go to AMPPS Control Center -> Apache Tab -> Configuration.
2. Look for the line "Listen 80", change it to "Listen"
3. Restart Apache from AMPPS Control Center.

This will be fixed in the next version of Ampps.
Billy Kan
Billy Kan May 25 '13

Yes that fix the problem. Many thanks for the help!


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