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Setup Facebook Contact Importer | Forum

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Allan May 30 '14
Has anyone ran across the problem that you get this to invite a friend, but once they click to come to the site the get a can't connect to server error?
ross Team
ross Jun 2 '14
Allan do you still have this issue?
omer Jun 11 '14

Quote from Allan Worked great Neil  thank you.
how it works Allan can you show your settings?
omer Jun 11 '14
i dont have a ssl maybe it didnt worked from this cause
omer Jun 11 '14
i am receiving "The parameter message is required" how can i add
ross Team
ross Jun 11 '14
I need to obtain SSL certificate in order this plugin to work properly
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omer Jun 12 '14
i did it working now but i tried it sending as game request.. there is no web side visit request and invite message
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ross Team
ross Jun 12 '14
what is game request?
omer Jun 13 '14
i received "The parameter message is required" and after for try  i added random things to language page and it worked i tried but received game reguest message not a invite site... but i am trying as english(default)  my local language
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ross Team
omer Aug 27 '14
i am receving this message in facebook(when a click to recevied invite) after a send invite to my self(for trying)

This webpage is not availableThe webpage athttps://xxxxx/contactimporter/fbcanvas/?fb_source=notification&request_ids=618640448254939&ref=notif&app_request_type=user_to_user&notif_t=app_requestmight be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


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    Mark Ransome
    Mark Ransome Nov 28 '14
    I cannot get my Facebook Contact Importer to work but my Facebook Login/Sign-up seems to work OK.

    I have followed the instructions but Facebook has changed! There is no “App on Facebook” option anymore so I chose "Website" which is what my Login App is set at.

    I have SSL too.

    Any ideas?

    The Forum post is edited by Mark Ransome Nov 28 '14
    ross Team
    ross Dec 1 '14
    Website is correct. Then you need to follow the instructions in the Manual: http://docs.oxwall.org/plugin-tuts:contact-importer

    The instructions will be updated asap. 

    Mark Ransome
    Mark Ransome Dec 4 '14
    I have tried and tried but I cannot seem to get to work!!
    ross Team
    ross Dec 4 '14
    Please provide the screenshot of the app settings just as in the tutorial I sent you. 
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