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Trying to install oxwall on localhost. | Forum

Puneet May 24 '13
I am new to oxwall and facing issues into installation of oxwall.

I have already enabled mod_rewrite.

Properly checked .htaccess file also.

Please guide me in proper direction. I am going to develop very interesting plugin for oxwall but unable to move ahead.

[Edited] Please check the attached screenshot. I think you can understand my problem more precisely.

Thank You, 

Puneet Singhal

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dave Leader
dave May 24 '13
Why are you trying to install it to localhost?  It should go in the public_html folder of your domain.  Do you have a domain registered?
Puneet May 28 '13
I have registered domain but I want to develop plugins and customize template. How can I develop plugins on localhost, please guide me in proper direction.


dave Leader
dave May 28 '13

Well there are several ways. 


1. You can install apache, php, pdo on your local desktop using the downloadable windows versions.  And develope locally before sending it live.  (which has some limitations is still a popular way)


2. You can set up a devopment environment (as i do with my scripts) using one of your cPanel accounts and a add-on or subdomain and then limit access to that area. 


  2a.  You can also do #2 in conjunction with using a development (what i call a version control)  script which will give you some features as you develope, including change logs, a diff feature which compares two files and shows you the diff between then, and a file sign in sign out feature in the event you have multiple people working on the same script. 


I prefer 2 and 2a in my script dev.   I actually have written a version controll system but due to my motorcycle accident and the fact that i need to update it, i took it off the market until i an get enough stamina back to get that poject done, as i am not doing much dev at this time.


It all depends on how you want to do it.   But you cant do it by installing it to localhost.  It has to be setup in a domain or subdomain.

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Puneet May 28 '13
Thank you for your quick and understandable response.

I am very much familiar with svn, git and meld. I am working on Ubuntu 12.04. So no downloadable version are available. You need to guide me which libraries I need to install. I did what was written in developer installation guide.

My question is if I cannot run oxwall at localhost then how can I debug the issues which are related with php or workflow. I think it will be more faster and accurate way if I can develop plugins over localend and then upload those changes to live site.

Please guide me know, how can I start development in IDE like eclipse of plugins and can test their behaviour locally.

dave Leader
dave May 28 '13

Since i dont do it that way, i will have to pass this to one of the team members or another dev might be willing to assist.. :)


Good luck :)

Paul M.
Paul M. May 28 '13

Quote from dave you cant do it by installing it to localhost.  It has to be setup in a domain or subdomain.

 If you are trying to use a domain locally just modify your hosts file @ /etc/hosts to point to yourdomain.com at