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change link | Forum

Gofio May 26 '13
How I can change the browser link? for example, the link of this forum is http://www.oxwall.org/forospersonas/101 http://www.oxwall.org/forum/101 and I want to just want to change the link, I try but does not work
Paul M.
Paul M. May 28 '13
You would need to make the mod via htaccess. It is going to be something like this:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(.*)forum 

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ 101/$1 [L]

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Gofio May 30 '13
I do not understand, I want to translate the word forum in Spanish, so when my users see the forum link does not exit, but Spanish foro


for example


Paul M.
Paul M. May 30 '13
Ooops, I misread that. Might language -> forum perhaps? I can check when I get off work.
Gofio May 31 '13
not from the language can not.
Gofio May 31 '13

I just want to change the subject, to translate my idiom

Paul M.
Paul M. May 31 '13

If its not in language you might be stuck to rewrite rules. Sorry I didn't get back with you yesterday.

Try taking a look at this, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1264773/rewrite-a-folder-name-using-htaccess

Alia Team
Alia Jun 4 '13
+1 to Paul's reply.

You can also play around with init.php  of the forum plugin ( ow_plugins/forum/init.php).

Note that any custom code modifications will be erased if you update the software/plugins, so you are doing them at your own risk. Always keep track of what and where you are editing.
Alia Team
Stan Mar 3 '18
Actually, I tried this today, and it does not work with the latest version.
I want to make exactly the same like Gofio (explained above). I tried too many ways, but without success.
I see, this topic is from approximately 5 years ago (from May 2013), so I really have no idea how the default .htaccess file looked like 5 years ago. It's possible to be different.

it change it only in that way:
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/forum [NC]
RewriteRule (.*) https://myexampldomain.com/forov

but the problem in that case is... it's not mirror of the folder, but redirect to missing page.
Actually, I would be happy for any suggestions!

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Ayumi Hayashi
Ayumi Hayashi Jan 31

You can change the URL of a web page by modifying the server-side code of the website or by using URL rewriting techniques. If you have access to the server and the website's code, you can update the URL to the desired format and save the changes. If you do not have access to the code, you can use URL rewriting techniques to change the appearance of the URL without modifying the underlying code. This can be done using web server configurations or by using an .htaccess file (if using Apache server).

However, before making any changes, it's recommended to back up the original code and test the changes on a test environment to avoid any unexpected issues.


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Grace Pully
Grace Pully Jan 31

If you are using Oxwall, you can try the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Oxwall admin panel
  2. Go to the "Settings" section
  3. Choose the "SEO" tab
  4. Find the "URL Routing" section
  5. Modify the URL pattern to your desired format
  6. Save the changes

Note: Before making any changes, it's recommended to backup your website files and database.

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