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Suggestions - Extended Mass Mailing | Forum

jk May 27 '13
Feel free to post suggestions here.
Valley Choirs
Valley Choirs Jul 29 '13
Hello - I was hoping this would enable mass mailing to a specific group. I'd like to suggest that as a filter option - thanks.

Themba Dlamini
Themba Dlamini May 17 '14
If you are sending to external emails, is it possible to hide individual's e-mails like Bcc in outlook?
Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jun 20 '14
right, 2nd and 3rd option would be important for me before I purchase the plugin !
tammy harris
tammy harris Jul 26 '15
can you add ability to schedule mails
with able to make templates for mail about new members

ie  select send to male members

email content 

hi username

some new members you may be interested it 

userthumb    username  age  location  etc

userthumb    username  age  location  etc

userthumb    username  age  location  etc

come see what your missing
blar blar

site url 
Oumy Sep 24 '15
Hello jk,

Some emails are sent to the junk box.

That would be good if we have the choice to add avast or any reliable company, so that e-mails are properly delivered. Don't know if its possible though..



tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 24 '15
if you mail server is set right and  you remove bad words like dear
then mail go inbox not junk
try this test https://www.mail-tester.com/
use the invite members in dashboard
Oumy Oct 17 '15
Awesome Tammy, thanks for sharing.

I had a DNS that needed to be fixed and now I contacted my host :) Cool

Asoka Janaka
Asoka Janaka Apr 26 '20
Hi JK,

Bought the plugin today. When i try to send the emails i am getting an error message


What am i doing wrong.

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