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slide in log-in page | Forum

D.S May 27 '13

it's now two day that i try to make a slider picture on my login page but impossible for me... really ! i tried all the slide code on the net, my own code... nothing work 

img src="" ==> this doesn't work at all, why ?

jquery code works because i called the alert() function, but thats all. nothing else work.

i saw the plug in slideshow, but its not for the login page. 

Alia Team
Alia May 28 '13
D.S, can you clarify: log in page or join page?
D.S May 28 '13

thank you for your answer

i just need a slider in log in  page (sign_in.html) ;)  but when i try do to that in jquery... it's delete all the form code in join page (even if i don't touch join.index.html)... 

we can't visit the website without log in... so i need to make sexy my log in page... do you know how can i make a jquery slide without destroy the join page ?

The Forum post is edited by D.S May 28 '13
D.S May 28 '13

   i tried to put js code on the same page in sign_in.html like this : 


    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">  

     var carrousel = {

            nbSlide : 0,

            nbCurrent : 1,

            elemCurrent : null,

            elem : null,

            init : function (elem){

                this.nbSlide = elem.find('.slidecar').length;








the alert box show 0... whereas i have 3 class in HTML code:

D.S Jun 2 '13
Alia Team
Alia Jun 2 '13
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Daisy Team
Daisy Jun 5 '13
Try using this slideshow plug-in: http://slidesjs.com/
Sprintally® Oct 7 '14
i want to put this side show to my login page   sign_in.html  how to put this ??  there are  some files are here  http://tympanus.net/...slideshow-with-css3/


  CSS3FullscreenSlideshow.zip (506Kb)