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Joseph May 2 '11
Steps that I follow.
  Step01.JPG (66.79Kb)
  Step02.JPG (68.57Kb)
  Step03.JPG (72.36Kb)
  Step04.JPG (88.92Kb)
  Step05.JPG (79.71Kb)
Joseph May 2 '11
And next ..!
  Step06.JPG (78.24Kb)
  Step07.JPG (79.19Kb)
  Step08.JPG (62.92Kb)
  Step09.JPG (56.94Kb)
  Step10.JPG (60.21Kb)
Joseph May 2 '11
And .. more ..!
  Step11.JPG (85.55Kb)
  Step12.JPG (100.56Kb)
  Step13.JPG (65.18Kb)
  Step14.JPG (107.6Kb)
  Step15.JPG (91.33Kb)
Joseph May 2 '11
And finally..!
  Step16.JPG (69.32Kb)
  Step17.JPG (60.47Kb)
  Step18.JPG (107.96Kb)
  Step19.JPG (71.64Kb)
Den Team
Den May 2 '11
Thank you for detailed screenshots losif! We will check it. I will let you know about results.
Joseph May 2 '11
I look forward. Thanks a lot.
Den Team
Den May 3 '11
We have double checked this plugin and it seems that the issue with some SSL settings on your hosting. Would you show your last screen with error to your hosting provider?
Joseph May 4 '11
I do not write anywhere at any SSL configuration.
Maybe not good plug contacts.
I do not know what to say.

In the shortest time I wanna get in touch with the host to see what the problem is.
Back with a new post.
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  error.JPG (192.06Kb)
Den Team
Den May 5 '11
Ok, we will waiting for info from hosting,
ma3ih Club
ma3ih May 5 '11
and this is my error
  ystep1.JPG (49.43Kb)
Den Team
Den May 5 '11
Are you sure that Yahoo is not blocked in your country?
Joseph May 6 '11
No.. is not blocked.
ma3ih Club
ma3ih May 7 '11
no i use proxy in UK and my email is UK and my everything is set UK
and i dont think so
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Den Team
Den May 9 '11
Are there any news from hosting?
ma3ih Club
ma3ih May 11 '11
addenster can i help with this?
what do u want?
can u see my hosting?
i really need yahoo importer
Den Team
Den May 13 '11
By some reason connection is dropped to yahoo server. It can be by some reasons:
- yahoo is blocked by ISP
- specific settings for SSL connection on your hosting

That's why I asked to contact hoster with this error.
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Aug 5 '11
Well, this seems to be an "old" topic, but as it has been left unsolved for a while I thought we could revive this subject bringing a solution for the aforementioned errors! =)

In fact, I had the same problem with the Yahoo! portion of the Contact Importer plugin, exactly as other users described here. However, I've managed to debug and "resolve" the problem after few debugs and tests. In fact, it is NOT a hosting problem or a plugin bug, instead it is actually a lack of information (maybe knowledge?) from the plugin developers in regards to possible conflicts in between the Yahoo verification process and OxWall rewriting rules. To be less technical, here is what anyone need to do to quickly and easily have this plugin fully working:

If you already have created your YAHOO APP, you must pay closer attention in the fields "Application URL" and "App Domain". It CANNOT have "www" in those fields (the "www" is what makes Yahoo fail when creating a token during the communication process). As an example, if your domain is "www.mysite.com" you must use "mysite.com" instead for those two fields.

If you have already created your YAHOO APP you may have to delete it and recreate it as Yahoo won't let you edit those fields.

It is simple as that! Despite of the fact that Yahoo may validate the domain with or without "www" in it, when OxWall try to obtain a token to access Yahoo data if fails because of the rewriting rules found at .htaccess file. As result, during the communication process only, a domain with "www" is identified by Yahoo as a different domain from the one without "www", resulting in validation error and no token (and, consequently, a OxWall debug error saying that no STRING result has been found)!

If you don't know how to create the necessary APPs (for Yahoo andFacebook), or if you are unsure of how to configure this plugin, you can follow the steps found here: http://docs.oxwall.org/plugin-tuts:contact-importer. Just remember that in the Yahoo configuration you cannot use www in the domain names. Facebook APP work nice and the tutorial explain it correctly. You can use the same API Key and Application Secret create for the Facebook Connect plugin (one Facebook App serves all).

Back to Yahoo, another tip is how to properly validate the domain when creating Yahoo APP. I believe some people may have faced a little challenge doing it because (again) OxWall has a very complex .htaccess file, with several rewriting rules, and as result Yahoo won't be able to access the file to validate the domain without a "quick and dirty trick". The trick consists in temporarily rename the ".htaccess" file to ".htaccess.bak" in the root of the OxWall installation before clicking at the validation button on Yahoo APP. This way all rewriting and redirecting rules will be temporarily disabled and Yahoo will be able to direct read the file it asks users to create in the domain root folder. After Yahoo validates the domain you MUST rename back the ".htaccess.bak" file to ".htaccess" before trying to access/use OxWall once again or OxWall will crash.

Of course we could also edit the .htaccess file and make the proper adjustments to allow Yahoo to read the file, however it is too much risky for a common user to even touch on .htaccess file and a unnecessary amount of effort just to allow a simple verification process (and YES, you can delete the file Yahoo required after validation is complete).

After those little tricks and tweaks I've managed to have this plugin working flawlessly in the OxWall 1.2.2. IMO it is a very cool addition to OxWall and a must have feature for any social network site! =)

I hope this thread now helps some of you to have this plugin working properly.
Den Team
Den Aug 8 '11
Thanks for detailed explanation Julio. As I understood you have added verification file manually via FTP and it works. Nice temporary solution. With new update we will try to find out an actual issue with contact importer. 
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Aug 8 '11

The verification file "workaround" is an obvious procedure once Yahoo complaint that it cannot find the file even after you add the file name on the plugin. However, I rather describe it and explain how to solve it than simply assume everyone else will also have the same approach.

Right now I am trying to learn more about plugins development and trying to better understand OxWall programming models. My plan is to concentrate my efforts on this Contacts Importer plugin right now and add more features to it. This is a very important part of any Social Network site and I believe it deserves a lot of attention at this point.

Going from Contacts Importer to the Activity Notification plugin, I've realized that this plugin send the e-mails as the USER instead of as the SITE. It is BAD! Any systems should always send e-mails as itself and never "impersonate" any user's email. Many SPAM filters will block it and most systems will advise users the e-mail is a FAKE (as GMAIL does). Can you tell me which files should I review to fix this issue? As soon as I have it corrected I can write another quick tutorial of how to fix it for others to have it working accordingly.

Please, let me know about it and thanks for OxWall.
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Den Team
Den Aug 9 '11
Would you give details how did you find that Activity Notifications sends emails from user's email instead site's email? Cos as I know it sends all notifications from main site's email :)
Or I got something wrong?

Regarding contact importer plugin, good beging, continue in the same way. And let me know if you will have some troubles with that.
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