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Manualy transfered plugins don't appear in Admin area | Forum

Marc Jun 21 '13
title says all : I manualy tranfered by ftp (Filezilla) several plugins in my ow_plugins directory, but they don't appear in the "available plugins" section.

Manual upload

1. Go to http://www.oxwall.org/store, navigate to the plugin's page and download the archive containing plugin files.
2. Unpack the archive and upload extracted files to ow_plugins folder on your server.
3. Go to your Admin Panel > Plugins > Available Plugins section. The plugin you uploaded should appear in the list.
4. Click 'Install' to install the plugin you need.


Can I get help please ?

NB : i'm using Oxwall 1.5.6.
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Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Jun 21 '13
did you go into your cpannel and unzip them?
Marc Jun 21 '13
I followed the manual, unpacked the archives on my PC and uploaded the directories with Filezilla on my server.
(for some unknown reason, I was not able to upload/unpack online through the Oxwall admin tool)
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dave Leader
dave Jun 22 '13

the reason is that there is a sub dir.   example.   contact/contact/files  i think what you did was you uploaded the main dir and you should have uploaded the sub dir


check the plugin dir on your end, i will bet that you will see a main, then a sub, and the sub is what you upload. 


it cant find the plugin because it is looking in the dir and cant see anything it needs.


does that make sense


in otherwords when you unpack you have  dir/dir/file content   and you uploaded dir/dir/file content

the system is looking for  dir/filecontent

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Marc Jun 24 '13
thank you for your help dave, you were right.
I feel a bit noob not to have checked this !
dave Leader
dave Jun 24 '13
lol its ok :)  how do you think i knew that, i did the same when i first started with Oxwall lol.. Its all good... :)