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Email Verification not been sent | Forum

Kev gibson
Kev gibson Jun 22 '13

Users joining are not receiving the email for verifying email.

The approval email arrives fine.

The cron job appears to be working and sends emails to me - out put from the cron is:-

  Your Terminal type is unknown!

  Enter a terminal type: [vt100]
(B)0[1;24r[m[?7h[?1h=[H[J[21B[0;7mGetting http://www.arizonarangeriders.com/oxwall/ow_cron/run.php[m
[0;7mLooking up www.arizonarangeriders.com[m                          [22;38H
[0;7mMaking HTTP connection to www.arizonarangeriders.com[m
[0;7mSending HTTP request.[m                              [22;22H
[0;7mHTTP request sent; waiting for response.[m



Any ideas why???


ross Team
ross Jun 24 '13

I've just joined your website, and received the verification message. 

ross Team
ross Jun 24 '13
probably the message go the spam box, or do you mean approval?
Kev gibson
Kev gibson Jul 2 '13

Actually the Oxwall staff tracked it.

My server as part of an anti scamming effort decided to block all emails with 'Email verification" on their servers.


Weve worked this out with them. Matter closed!



ross Team
ross Jul 2 '13
Ok, great!