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email verification a possible solution for the common problem | Forum

Anmar Jun 27 '13

Im new to Oxwall world. I like the software and i have installed it in a beta site.

After days of Installing, Testing Customizing, and adding users. everything worked fine. user register fill up the form based on his her language choice.

Making my story short.

After few users registered in the site the verification email stopped working.

Steps i followed.

I tried new account using real email addresses not registered in the site before. Still same problem.

I changed the cron job few times based on Oxwall documentation still no luck.

i changed the email of the site Still no luck.

Testing other features Like invites, working no problem.

After talking to the customer support for more then one hour we reached to that when someone register in the site with false email account the system will keep trying to send the email to the user. It seems google dont like it when their domain used with a false email. 

I managed to open few email accounts in my host and open new account in the site i do get email verification no problem.

open new Gmail account and opened an account in the site.

No email verification received.

Sorry to say but Oxwall is pushing me to use FB connect

It is a surprise that with 3 or 4 people register with wrong email the verification email will stop sending.

This issue is some how at the junction between the hosting and Oxwall architecture. 

This is my experience I hope it helps someone.

Anmar Jun 28 '13
Anyone had this problem could share the solution coz till now the email verification is not working....?

I been struggling with it for the last 4 days...

Stan Thompson
Stan Thompson Jul 1 '13
I too have same problem, no email notification or any notifications when members are active on my profile page, ie: sending me gifts, likes and so on, so the only way I know that someone as join is if I actually go on the website myself and look, this is very stressful, if anyone can work this proble out by finding a solution please let mke know.
ross Team
ross Jul 2 '13

Can you please specify how you you reached that the software is looping and trying to send the verification mail to the false e-mail?

Stan Thompson
Stan Thompson Jul 3 '13
I am not sure but before my website crashed I was recieving email notification of activity on my website, but since I re installed the Oxwall software I have recieved none at all, I have members who have joined using their facebook account which obviously their email address must be valid but yet still no notification email, I really need to get this sorted out before the mobile website 1.6 update :(
ross Team
ross Jul 3 '13
Ok, please read this post and follow the instructions: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/10502