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Writing a blog: MORE-tag is not respected | Forum

Lasse Jul 10 '13
I noticed when I was writing this blog piece, that the <!--more--> tag has no effect on the index page. The story is not cut at the point of the tag, which makes it look a little bit bad on the site index.

I have the tag placed after the first chapter, and before the headline Meet Opera.

The Forum post is edited by Lasse Jul 11 '13
Alia Team
Alia Jul 16 '13
Lasse, <!--more--> tag сurrently  works only for the blogs' list.

When blog posts are added to newsfeed, "more" tag is ignored and blog gets cut by 150 symbols.
150 symbols limit is set in init.php ( ow_plugins/blogs):

   1. function blogs_feed_entity_add :  $content = nl2br( UTIL_String::truncate(strip_tags($post->post), 150, '...') );
  2.function blogs_feed_entity_update:  $content = nl2br( UTIL_String::truncate(strip_tags($post->post), 150, '...') );

You can customize the code yourself to fit your needs.

Oxwall doesn't use "more" tag when adding newsfeed items since not all users will use "more" tag in the right place. For example users might add it toward the end of the long blog post and your newsfeed will look even more messed up.
Alia Team
Alia Jul 16 '13
P.S. if you are modifying the code keep track of what and where you are doing, since if you update the software/plugins all custom changes will be erased and you will have to add them again after the update.
Markus ALD-Team
Markus ALD-Team Mar 11 '20
No updates since 2013 ?
Coune Nov 23 '21
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