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Changelog - catalog | Forum

Alexandr Makarov
Alexandr Makarov Jul 22 '13

v.0024 01.06.2015

+ Bugfix: fixed a problem that could cuse plugin crash during update from older versions

v.0023 14.05.2014 

+ User can now create multiple catalogs with defferent layouts and data

+ Admin UI updated

v.0020 14.05.2014

+ Improved map and Geocoding functions

v.0018 29.11.2013


+ Item approval can now work in three different ways: no approval required, user edits automatically disapprove item, users can not edit approved items

+ You can allow users to leave rewiews to their own items

+ Catalog moderators will receive notifications if someone leaves a review to catalog item

+ You can now specify several catalog moderators (not just admin)

v.0016 29.08.2013

Fix: Plugin deactivation/activation will no longer crash site

v.0015 24.08.2013

Fix: Save button had wrong translation


+ Facebook and Vkontakte now properly fetch item title, description and default photo when sharing.

+ Better SEO. Catalog items properly update meta keywords and meta description

v.0012 11.08.2013


Uploading unsupported image types, such as pdf or bmp files caused error 500. 

v.0012 11.08.2013

New features:

+ Categories widget can now have multiple columns

+ Categories widget will now display item counts

+ Newsfeed integration

+ Improved photo gallery

v.0011 05.08.2013

Bugfix: Checkbox search should now be fixed

v.0010 02.08.2013

New features:

+ Item reviews with rating

+ Main page and dashboard widget for item search

+ Main page and dashboard widget with item list.


+ Checkbox field search should now work properly

+ Item approval should no longer clear extra fields

v.0009 27.07.2013

Bugfix: If mandatory item approval is enabled trying to add item causes error500

v.0008 25.07.2013

Bugfix: Selectbox Fields should now work properly

v.0007, 25.07.2013

New features:

+ All pages are now widget driven and can be customized in admin panel

+ Added extra fields widget, it allows you to group your fields on item page

+ Mandatory item approval, can be enabled in catalog settings

+ Catalog home page, can be enabled in settings

+ You can now embed videos in item description

v.0004, 23.07.2013

Bugfix: Adding catalog item causes error if google maps is disabled in settings

v.0003, 22.07.2013

New features:

+ Prices are now optional and can be turned off in config

+ Items can be searched by title

+ Now you can set thumbnail sizes for item page and list page independently

+ Confirmation dialogs when deleting items and photos


+ Custom text fields can now have empty default value

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