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I need help please.... | Forum

Patrick Daniels
Patrick Daniels Jul 27 '13
I've spent countless hours trying to figure out your software... I've installed it on a couple diffrent test servers like xxamp & wamp.. (It installs without problems)
When I try & bring it to my server things get ugly.. I can't even get past your req. script. It comes up & says that the server is reading safe_mode on... I've checked several different locations & this can't be right..

I've check the php.ini says its off. I ran php_info it says it's off. I ran plesk php settings it says it's off.. This made me check some of your forums to see if I was getting a false positive. Other user have reported this issue & it seems to be resolved by issues other then safe mode on. I'm pretty positive that I meet every req. If I had to be unsure about one it would be apache as I'm running on windows server with IIS installed.

I couldn't get it running on the same post as IIS so I have it running on :8080. I see no error log & I'm really getting quite frustrated this has been the worst install I've ever had. (I've installed 100's of CMS like software..This has to be the hardest software to go live with I've ever encountered.) Thankfully I've seen this software in action on my test server & I'm determined to get running.

Handy Notes:
I've checked for full control permission on the directory.
I've verified all PHP Req.
I've Reset Apache..
I've tried several different address's including. (SN=Oxwall)
SN/ - SN/install -SN/install.php- SN/ow_install/install.php - Sn/index.php
( SN/ Brings me to the install screen but with no css & nothing works....all link broken.)

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Alia Team
Alia Jul 28 '13
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ross Team
ross Jul 29 '13
PM me your cpanel access details, we'll try to install the software for you. 
Patrick Daniels
Patrick Daniels Jul 29 '13
The host is Go-daddy (VPS). It's using plesk. I can give you access to the plesk panel. If we handle it this way tho. Please inform me of the changes you made to get it to work so in the future I understand whats going on? I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to 1-2 problems.... Either I've not installed Apache correctly on the server or I've got some sort of permission error because the .css file is not coming up. Also I have managed to get the tables into the database.... but then it just defaults back to the install script with no css/theme. 

UPDATE: I feel like the problem is Apache. IIS is running port 80...I have Apache on 8080..
I think that Apache is not actuality running properly with the rest of the server which is running with iis on port 80.
I've got a simple fix around it but I don't like it. As temp fix I'm running xxamp on the side of IIS & using dns to mask the local host as a server... I would like to find away tho that they can play nice... They both want port 80...
Is there away I can change Apache to port 80 so they can work along side IIS without hurting it?

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ross Team
ross Jul 29 '13
ok, PM the details, we'll take a look at it.