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Problem with themes[Answered] | Forum

AB Jul 28 '13
I just installed Oxwall, using the manual method.  I have direct root access to the ubuntu/apache server.  Everything went smoothly, not an error in sight.  The instructions need a tiny bit of tweaking, but I had no trouble in guessing what needed to be done to install it.

So, my only issue at this time is that there's no graphics of any kind whatsoever.  I'm getting just a plain ordinary very basic HTML page.  Even the "powered by" logo is missing.  I've tried to choose a theme, but there are none available.  I presume I did something wrong.

When I look at the web server directory through the linux console, I can see that there are indeed themes there: crayon  darklets  origin  showcase

Not sure where I went wrong... perhaps permissions?  All files are owned by root (hey, that's me!) maybe I need to change ownership to my ox user? 

No relevant errors in the apache logs.

Any help?  Thank you in advance.

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AB Jul 28 '13
OK I've noticed the following in the source code of my page:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://(mydomain.com)/oxwall/index.php/ow_static/themes/origin/base.css?5163d9cf7adbe" media="all" />

That path does not exist.  In particular, it's looking for ../index.php/ow_static/...  which doesn't make much sense to me.  Specifically, it's tacking a path on after the index.php file with a slash.  So that's the problem, question is how do I fix it and/or what did I do wrong to make it do that in the first place?

Thank you

ross Team
ross Jul 30 '13
Hello AB, 

Can you PM me your FTP and Cpanel access details. I'll take a look at the problem?

SAMAN Sep 4 '13
Hi every body,

i have the same problem with my website. this will be a mini community and therefore is installed on a 1and1 Hosting.

@AB is the problem solved?

can anyone help me?  


SAMAN Sep 4 '13
hier my url net[dot]praxies[dot]org
ross Team
ross Sep 4 '13
Saman, does your hosting server meet our requirements: www.oxwall.org/hosting