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plugin data on subdomains | Forum

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Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 5 '13

i am 16/7 trying to make web more speedy 

just wanted to know , is it possible to put/ assign  plugin data on subdomains

as example 

for forum menu it become forum.mysite.com instead mysite.com/forum

for mailbox it becomes mail.mysite.com instead of mysite.com/mailbox/inbox

it will reduce some traffic

what i am thinking to do is

copy/move desired plugin folder from ow_userfile to a subdomain. then address it somewhere (i don't know where ) , 

but i don't know where to modify path 

any suggestions ? 

Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 5 '13
i'm talking about cookieless subdomain . larry
Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 5 '13
you may have seen many like 




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Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 6 '13
already have done both of them

problem i am getting with is my oxwall site is taking like 2-3 for dns lookup even on localhost as well 

Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 6 '13
Quote from Larry Backstrom I can see a problem is you're using an older browser with more than a few connections, but modern browsers allow 6 connections.

if it is problem of a old browser then it should affect every website. not just oxwall installs, btw i have latest chrome , IE and firefox , 

i have tried it from android , different computers , with many other IPS as well but it is same with all,

Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 6 '13
 already i have done these things.. after that i am thinking to create this system.. caz it will work as cdn