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Oxwall on PHP 5.5 | Forum

Hisham Qaddoumi
Hisham Qaddoumi Aug 12 '13
My server runs PHP 5.5, Oxwall generates an error when installed on 5.5:

Message:preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback insteadFile:/home/hishamqa/public_html/oxwall/ow_utilities/string.phpLine:130

How convert preg_replace() to preg_replace_callback???

How to convert 

Hisham Qaddoumi
Hisham Qaddoumi Aug 12 '13
Thanks Paul. 

I realize that, yet the code in string.php is too complicated. I tried the normal code replace but it didn't work :( it needs a full analysis... something I don't have the time for. I was wishing for a solution.

Hisham Qaddoumi
Hisham Qaddoumi Aug 14 '13
Thanks for the reply Paul,

Actually I'm working on a site for animal care community all voluntarily so I cannot pay anyone, as I'm not being paid myself :) yet if you're willing to help my ONLY problem for now, after solving a ton of them, is line 130 in the file ow_utilities/string.php. The line that says:

return preg_replace('/{\$(\w+)}/ie', "isset(\$vars['\\1']) ? \$vars['\\1'] : '\\0'", $data);

If you can fix that I will be really thankful. In any case I'm really thankful for your replies. I really appreciate your potential.

ross Team
ross Sep 4 '13
http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/13097 Hisham, please read this
Hisham Qaddoumi
Hisham Qaddoumi Sep 9 '13
Hello ross, I read the forum post you set and I posted there, please check.