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Using external url avatars | Forum

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phil Aug 14 '13
Hello, because i am using limtied hosting to host my oxwall websitei was wondering if it was possible to disable and remove any upload buttons of avatars on oxwall and instead use external urls where it checks the image size and uses that instead?

Anyone know how to do this?

Im sure this would help a whole load of people who dont want to overload their servers with avatars...

Anyway help would be super!

Thank you in advance
phil Aug 14 '13
thanks for the reply.

Amazon s3 is that compatible with oxwall? how can i use it to store my avatars?

Is there a way to make it impossible to upload avatar but just select a couple from a gallery or something?

Some forum platforms use external urls someway or other and it just speeds up the website....
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Daisy Team
Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 16 '13
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Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 16 '13
Also, please check out this topic: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/10886
dave Leader
dave Aug 17 '13

There is nothing wrong with having avatars for users to use. Why dont you control the size of them and give them an option of the ones they want to use.  That way you dont have to worry about the size, you still check it, but  give them only so many to choose from.




Josh Aug 17 '13
I agree with using Amazon Storage. Space really not need a problem. It is like 2 bucks a day in price, but if you need your space - peace of mind ought to cost that much.
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Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Aug 17 '13
How do you know which package you will need between---->
Standard Storage
Reduced Redundancy Storage
Glacier Storage

As it is now I have a bit over 55Gig at storage and soon have loaded around 200Gig..

Have to wonder monthly how much this would cost and is it worth the cost compared to upgrading from Shared to a dedicated service..
ross Team
ross Aug 19 '13
Just check the options of each package and compare all advantages of obtaining a dedicated server in comparison to the package you want to choose and which is worth to buy. 
dave Leader
dave Aug 19 '13
Yeah i would think it would be less expensive to just get a ded server or VPS even instead of having to store them externally, that should be the very last option not the first one.  $2 a day, omg thats over $700.00 a year to store images, that is crazy IMO... and should only be done as a very last option if nothing else is available.    If you have that kind of money to toss down the drain lets talk lmao... :)
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