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saved folders/files required for migration | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Aug 20 '13

Hi, we all know to save the database but what about the files when we need to migrate our site to a new host.  Also we all know to take at least one full backup of the entire site and more if you can before the migration, but that applies if you are allowed to do your own backups on your cPanel.


What if you cant do your own backup from your Cpanel, then what do you do. Well that means that you will need to either have your host do it (but sadly bad hosts probably wont worry about it if your leaving them) and that means it is up to you to grab the folders and files you need, on a regular basis.  At least 1x a day until the migration.


So with that said and with the full site backup saved and a daily database exported and safely tucked away (every day), what folder/files do we need to save for a condensed version to have the latest data should someone add content or join the site before the migration. 


After my first full backup before a migration i usually just do a condensed version and just grab the following folders.  Some of this is overkill as some of this may not even be necessary or maybe i forgot something, suggestions are welcome on this. 


But here is what i save:




1. Any custom special folders/files that are in the root created by site owner


2. Plus the following: 


* means must have for bare bones capture - this means that regardless of anything else you at least need these as a very basic condensed save.


ow_includes *


ow_plugins *



ow_themes *


ow_userfiles *  (very very important)




.htaccess *

php.ini *



I welcome any suggestions, comments and or corrections to this post in the event i have forgotten something. :)




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Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 20 '13
thanks for such a nice post , i was looking for it since many days 

will it work if i want reinstall oxwall and keep all data  on same host and domain ?

what i am trying to do is .. remove everything and do a fresh install on same domain , just i want to save my users . their data does not matter.

The Forum post is edited by Rahul verma Aug 20 '13
dave Leader
dave Aug 20 '13

Rahul thanks,  let us have a team member reply just to make sure this is correct.  I am pretty sure it is but i want to be 100% sure so let us wait for a team member to reply to be sure before you do anything ok please..

dave Leader
dave Aug 21 '13
+1 Paul Excellent point :)
Rahul verma
Rahul verma Aug 21 '13
ok. :) i will wait