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iPage Hosting User, please help[Answered] | Forum

ariesta fitria
ariesta fitria Aug 29 '13

I'm ipage hosting user. I use that hosting more than 1 year and have several domain using ipage hosting. I'm interested to build community site to my current site. I will use subdomain community.mysite.com

But I have problem installing on cron job section. iPage doesn't support cron job. They referring me to use third party cron job

I'm thinking to go to other hosting, but I doubt I will get more problem than this

So before taking decision, I want to hear from you

Is there oxwall user using ipage as a hosting? Can you tell me your experience?
How you build cron job? Which third party?
How your site perform? If it so bad, which hosting company do you refer to me to use?

Another question,
Is that ok to run oxwall on subdomain?

Any help appreciated

Thanks for sharing
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ariesta fitria
ariesta fitria Aug 29 '13

I had install oxwall using easycron.com as third party cron job. It succeed. But I have error notification:
Oxwall can't connect to update server. Seems you need to enable `url_fopen` in your php settings.

What does it mean? What the effect of that error? What I have to do to deal with that error?

Any help appreciated

The Forum post is edited by ariesta fitria Aug 29 '13
ross Team
ross Sep 12 '13
Please, contact support of your hosting provider and ask them to enable 'url_fopen' in your php settings
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