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smaller slideshow - Image Slideshow | Forum

Ed Domich
Ed Domich Sep 10 '13
i was wondering if you could change the size of the slideshow. my current slideshow takes up half of my page, but i just want it the size of a banner. where can i go in the code to change this? thanks!
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 23 '13
Ed, the best solution for you is just to resize the images themselves.

Paul Zielinski
Paul Zielinski Feb 23 '14
this is a nice plugin, however even for a free plugin, it is very limited
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Mar 7 '14
Paul, what features do you think can be added to it?
Paul Zielinski
Paul Zielinski Aug 20 '14

Quote from Oxwall Software Paul, what features do you think can be added to it?
The ability to change the ratio, like Ed stated.  Resizing the images isnt the answer, since most of the ones I put on ours, was 160x87 pix  and the slideshow itself is half the page,and it stretching the images.


UPDATE*** 8/28/2014- I have since removed this plugin due to VERY POOR functionality.

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Guido Oct 2 '14
I've the same problem. I resized my photos but it stretched my photos and took half a page.
Not usefull for my site.
I desactivated it
Carlos Pires Corrente

Quote from Oxwall Software Ed, the best solution for you is just to resize the images themselves.

it's not impossible.

I have this plugin and even square images are viewed as rectangular ones, 

full image can't be viewed...

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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 7 '17
When deciding on an image size you need to consider where the slideshow will be placed. The slideshow widget width will size to the area you place it. If you have 300px x 300px images, and place it in the top section, it will stretch the image to the width of that section. All of you images should be sized to fit the section, and all should have the same height based on you preference. The plugin uses math to average the sizes, if you have different heights, the smaller images will be stretched to the average, so set height on all the same for consistency, and choose a width that suits what section you will be using the widget in. Hope this helps. Consistent images size is the key.

Take a look at the post linked in this thread.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jan 25 '17
Darryl +1
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