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Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Sep 24 '13
Is their a way to add our own version to the chrome extension store so that it doesn't say oxwall on it? Not everyone wants all their users to know what software they are using. 

Zaph Sep 24 '13
Yes you right. Sometimes it's necessary, probably it can be done as custom version of the extension.
John Bedford
John Bedford Oct 8 '13
I have this installed and it works great, But yes I would need it to be downloadable by my clients from my site to keep the Oxwall side of things on the QT if this was done I am sure you would have a sure winner that every oxwall user would want.
lucius Feb 17 '14
firefox & opera?
Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Aug 3 '14
well, I suggest that once a site is registered in the extension, it uses the icon of THAT site instead of it's own standard orange circle...! That would be much easier for the users to understand!
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