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After import. the "Gender" question looses a value - CSV import | Forum

fbkca Sep 24 '13

In doing a simple import test with the following 4 columns:

<username>, <email>. <gender>, <looking for>

test, test@example.com, male, female

When I do, the Gender Profile  Question gets the "female" value removed and all the looking for's say "male" instead of female....

I have to Add New Value and add "female" back in. But when I do the import again... it gets removed...

Not sure what I can give you to help...

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Alia Team
Alia Sep 25 '13
 fbkca, CSV import plugin is originally designed for start-up sites, which are not configured yet in terms of profile fields.  So admin imports the file, and values are added automatically.

In cases like yours, yes, already existing values will be deleted and will be overwritten by the ones from csv file.

 You have imported only one user, if you try to import at least two ones, where second one will be female looking for male, everything should be ok. System will erase currently existing values for those fields and will add two new ones ( male, female).
fbkca Sep 25 '13
Even with simple test with both genders, the result is always Gender = Looking For

Even though the csv had male, female 

So for all the male profiles, it says they are looking for male and the female profiles says they're looking for female....

fbkca Sep 29 '13
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 23 '13
Sorry for the late reply. Took some time to check this.
Have tried hundreds of times but still can't reproduce the issue. Can you check and let me know may be I just misunderstood steps that should be followed?

1. My original values for "Looking For" field were : value1 and value2.

2. I import csv file with 2 users:

User1 is looking for female.
User3 is looking for male.

3. After the import, my original values were replaced by the values from my csv file.

4. I go to the front end of my site and everything is ok.
User1 is looking for female.
User3 is looking for male.

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Mawan A. Nugroho
Mawan A. Nugroho Dec 23 '13
Try to import some data, in which all gender is "Female". Then after the import process is completed, option "Male" became lost.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Feb 3 '14
Mawan, that is the way this plugin works.
It is technically difficult for the system to compare existing field values to the ones from imported file. To avoid conflicts within the script, system rewrites all existing values with the ones from the imported file.

You will need to manually add missing valued in admin panel.
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