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Floatbox Position | Forum

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Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 23 '11
I need to relocate the floatbox to a different position (100px down). I'd like to do it without hardcoding anything in the core files, using the theme CSS file if possible, but none of my attempts, even the most aggressive ones (directly to the code), have resulted anyway successful.

How can I do such "minor" change?
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 24 '11
I've just realized that I was trying to change the wrong object. It is not the floatbox I need to move 100px down, but that "message that fades" which is displayed on the top of the page after some operations.

Can anyone tell me what is the name of that DIV so I can proper adjust the style for it? Thanks. :)
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 24 '11
OMG... This was a though one to find... But I did find it! :)

What I was looking for was the class "ow_message_cont"... Now I can have if done properly!

It is weird that I am replying myself (twice) but I am doing it just in case others may have the same difficulty... So, here is the answer! ;)

Nevertheless, I am very happy with the "model" used in OxWall for the pages composition and template construction. The most intelligent model I've ever saw (and, believe me, I've saw all kinds of different implementations).

GREAT JOB GUYS! It just needs a little bit more commenting to be perfect. ;) (or maybe a detailed manual of "what is what" and "how to do things right").

Thank you.
Michael Leader
Michael Jun 24 '11
even though people aren't replying it is nice to see you get it fixed and documented. It does help.
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jun 24 '11
Sure. I am very new in OxWall as you already know, and at this point I am still learning its ways. It is a great piece of software and one of the most well done PHP system I have ever worked with. I am very excited with its potential and I am looking forward to start developing new plugins and themes for it in a near future.

Right now I am working in a new theme for myself, with some very specific nuances, and I am trying to avoid changes in the core files at all costs. So far I have succeed on doing what I want only touching on the theme files, but the lack of documentation can be a negative factor sometimes.

In regards to exchange of information, I am one of those developers that doesn't hold anything hidden from others, and because of that I can be very active in forums sometimes. I hope it won't bother anyone to see my photo all over the forum topics. :)

I'd like to be able to participate in some beta testing and core development support, but I haven't find this possibility yet. I can't wait for the OxWall 1.2 release... :)

BTW Michael, how is your site doing with jQuery 1.6.1. Any "side effects"?

Best Regards.
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 10 '11
No problems on my site at the moment. The only thing I notice is that when navigsating throgh pages the site goes blank each time. No biggie!
Julio Marchi
Julio Marchi Jul 10 '11
I have no such problem on my site... It might be something else instead of jQuery...
I've navigate through your site and I didn't notice any blank page. However, I haven't logged in...
Does you server provide error log?
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 11 '11
I had a quick flick through my site and the "blank" bit seems to be directly related to page content. Less cluttered pages are quick and the more cluttered ones are.

I have a few broken images in my error log but nothing point to jquery or anything like that.