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Shaun Alvarez
Shaun Alvarez Oct 28 '13
Im having a huge problem most my visitors are  from a android phone and the current theme i have looks terrible mobile and i based everything around that theme.
Im shure im not going to be changing themes any time soon so i need to come up with a solution so i don't keep loosing potential members.
My advertising campaign is working great.

1) is there a way to detect the user is on a mobile phone and automaticly have them use a lighter theme that works great on phones

2) maybe have a splash screen that asks the user if they want to see the full version or mobile version and it will basicly be 2 diferent websites with the same database if its posible to run 2 oxwalls off one database somehow

3)Possible andoird and or iphone app for oxwall that is open source and a user can make it lock on to there personal website. and not just for messages (have had alot of people ask me if i had a app for the website,)

sorry about this but where i live most people don't own a computer and or dont even know how to turn one on. but 6 year olds have a iPhone, if i don't find a way to convince mobile users to want to signup i may have to close down the website till the new oxwall comes out so i wont gain a bad reputation and loose potential members.
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Alia Team
Alia Oct 28 '13
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Shaun Alvarez
Shaun Alvarez Oct 29 '13
i guess none of the above is posible without alot of modifications?
tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 7 '13
tyy this i am using it and works ok on all phones and tablets

i was going to make some big changes to it and oxwall anounced the mobile site wont be long so i put them off but is start get to the point i will have to do them