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Oxwall is very slow ...[Answered] | Forum

Olivier Salmon
Olivier Salmon Nov 14 '13

I find Oxwall being slow and wonder if I'm the only one to have this.

It takes around 3 seconds to bring the login page. Is it as expected?


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fbkca Nov 14 '13
Only about 1.5 seconds for me...

33 requests ❘ 26.2 KB transferred ❘ 1.57 s (load: 1.57 s, DOMContentLoaded: 981 ms)

fbkca Nov 14 '13
and about 1 the next load:

33 requests ❘ 13.2 KB transferred ❘ 1.04 s (load: 1.16 s, DOMContentLoaded: 1.16 s)

Shaun Nov 14 '13
really slow on shared hosting
fbkca Nov 14 '13
yeah I bet it is... mines an 8cpu 16GB ram...
ross Team
ross Nov 25 '13
Olivier, Shaun, 

if you contact your hosting company I am sure that they will be able to give you a detailed report on which scripts load your server the most. Once you get this info, it will be easier to find a way to increase your site speed.  

You will definitely need to check how ofter your CRON runs to resolve the issue with users showing up as online even if they are not. CRON configuration manual can be found here: http://docs.oxwall.org/install:cron

Also, there are many posts related to this problem, please do the search

The Forum post is edited by ross Nov 25 '13