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How does admin change intro message under profile picture for user | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Dec 31 '13
I just noticed that even as admin i do not have access to change the introduction special message for a user (located under their profile picture). I can change mine but not thiers.  I dont think there is a plugin for this so i guess if i need to change this i will have to resort to changing it directly in the DataBase table.
dave Leader
dave Jan 2 '14
i believe this is called the about me widget. 

This is what i have done so far...


added the following in two dif functions

// added by dave for moderator access

        $isModerator = OW::getUser()->isAuthorized('base');
        $this->assign('isModerator', $isModerator);

// end add

and then in ow_system_plugins/base/views/components/about_me_widget.html

<div class="ow_highbox ow_about_me_widget">
    {if $ownerMode || $isModerator}  //added the isModerator

But as admin i still cannot get the form to show on someone elses profile so that i can change it if i need to.

have also tried this

// added by dave for admin and moderator access
          if ( OW::getUser()->isAdmin() || OW::getUser()->isAuthorized('base') )
           $this->assign('okToEdit', true);
                $this->assign('okToEdit', false);
               }//close else

// end add

Any ideas?   See image below

The Forum post is edited by dave Jan 2 '14
dave Leader
dave Feb 2 '14
any ideas on this i have not found it yet..