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Does anyone else experience this with macabre theme | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Dec 31 '13

I noticed something today with my macabre theme and im curious if anyone else has the same issue.

First lets discuss the normal event so i can explain the difference.

Go to your forum and then go inside a category (one with several topics inside) now hold your mouse over a topic, you will see that the topic name will now be underlined as a link (just that one name is underlined not everything on the page, just the name will be underlined)

Perfectly normal....

Now try that with groups... not normal!

Now go to group and do the same thing, go to a group with several topics and hold your mouse over a topic name.  What i see is the name, date, last reply for every single topic on that page being underlined, all of them not just the one your mouse is on but all of them are.

Its just as if someplace there is a missing close </a> but it works fine and all the links show up just fine and no problems, and i dont see anything in the error log.  Does the same thing happen to yours as well?

I wonder what could be causing this?

I did run the page source thru the w3c validator and there are some issues, it seems there are quite a few <ul>  not finished which means they were closed in the wrong order and also some url with & instead of &amp; now it might be the ul not being closed but i have not found anything so far that really sticks out here.

Any ideas...  what i did was just take the page source for groups while on the topic list and copy and paste it to the w3c validator tool.

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dave Leader
dave Dec 31 '13

OK i have to eat some crow on this one... in the W3C report it did show a missed closed </a> which is what i suspected and it was MY FAULT... i did a mod here


and forgot to close the <a>  my bad works good now..

but i still feel that oxwall should start using &amp;  instead of just & in thier url structure, it is a simple thing to do and it helps to validate.

The Forum post is edited by dave Dec 31 '13