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What does this do - Auto direction | Forum

Omari Jan 9 '14
explanation is not clear
Mohammad Jan 9 '14
Name of the plugin is clear enough

There is two type language in direction

1-Right To Left(starting from right like Persian)

2-Left To Right(starting from left like English)

All popular social networks are using this feature,

it change text-align and direction of text based on "first character" for convenient of users (this is plugin job)

Did you get what you looking for ?

Nebiyou Jan 26 '14
Quote from Omari explanation is not clear

I agree,

This Plugin is not explained enough to know what it do

Mohammad Jan 26 '14
look at this picture deeply

it's in newsfeedthe word 'سلام' is started from right side

the word 'hello' is started from left side

the word 'سلام' is Farsi and Farsi language start from right

the word 'hello' is English and English language start from left

this plugin will check input to see whether language must start from right or left !

e.g facebook and google+ is using this feature....

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Sammoudi Maher
Sammoudi Maher Feb 14 '14
maybe you will understand this plugin looking here !

Nebiyou Feb 14 '14
So it help to communicate and breaks the language barrier????
Sammoudi Maher
Sammoudi Maher Feb 17 '14
yeah ... oxWall will support all languages like facebook and Google+
Onur Aug 24 '20
it is good idea but profile photo also must to move left side..
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