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some peeps make friends with them self | Forum

ben Jan 10 '14
no error generating with enable debug mode, im not sure how they do that
Vladimir Bach
Vladimir Bach Jan 12 '14
I had the same issue on 1.6, but I've reverted back to 1.5
ben Jan 12 '14
good choice, it's looks wieird when someone make friends with him self
Alia Team
Alia Jan 14 '14
Ben, can you provide screen shot of this issue?
ben Jan 14 '14
screenshoot ready

The Forum post is edited by ben Jan 14 '14
ben Jan 14 '14
I just get new friends request from R, when i accepted, newsfees show i make friends with myself not with R
Jaroslaw Jan 14 '14
I have the same problem.



SETTINGS > Edit Language> Show: Friends   ....and in the first section ({text key='friends+newsfeed_action_string'} )type:    and <a href="{$requester_url}">{$requester_name}</a> are now friends

The Forum post is edited by Jaroslaw Jan 14 '14
ben Jan 15 '14
Jaroslav, did you solve this problem?
Jaroslaw Jan 16 '14
Yes. Look above. You have to type "and <a href="{$requester_url}">{$requester_name}</a> are now friends" in the first section of "Friends" (in Language settings).
ben Jan 16 '14
This is new string, not available on 153. sometime is right sometime make friends with themself. thanks for sharing jaroslaw
Wilson Jan 16 '14
Hey Ben & Vladimir

I would think about moving to 1.6 soon due to the fact that there were a lot of core update changes that makes the script run a lot smoother. After backing up everything and testing on another folder with the same versions and 1.5.3 I successfully updated to 1.6 that has mobile version that was much needed for our users and probably yours too.

My few issues after updating to 1.6 where with my custom cod modifications, so make a folder with all your modified codes and its original code including 1.6 versions. Then update each one and then check after each update to see if errors accrue. I found a few and quickly fixed them.

Think about going to 1.6 guys. Look around and read up on how at first users did not want to update…even I was not going to update for at least 6 months but after backing up everything and testing on another folder. It runs A LOT smoother for sure!

See my other post that shows what updates were made: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/15458?page=5#post-79540

Alia Team
Alia Jan 20 '14
Regarding people making friends with each other. If you are facing this, I need more information since I can't reproduce this on my own installation.

My own installation is 1.6 with following plugins:




Activity notifications

Image Slideshow



Virtual Gifts

Which plugins are you using?

Can you also go to ow_plugins/friends/bol/service.php.

What do you have on lines 136-150?
Should be:

    //Add Newsfeed activity action
        $event = new OW_Event('feed.action', array(
            'pluginKey' => 'friends',
            'entityType' => 'friend_add',
            'entityId' => $frendshipDto->id,
            'userId' => array($requesterId, $userId),
            'feedType' => 'user',
            'feedId' => $requesterId
        ), array(
            'string' => array("key" => 'friends+newsfeed_action_string', "vars" => array(
                'user_url' => $uUrls[$userId],
                'name' => $names[$userId],
                'requester_url' => $uUrls[$requesterId],
                'requester_name' => $names[$requesterId]

And in admin panel>>settings>>language value for the key in bold should be:
and <a href="{$user_url}">{$name}</a> are now friends

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jan 20 '14
I am seeing people becoming friends with themselves.  At first I thought that maybe they were just very lonely or something. They don't seem like bad people or anything like that.


Alia Team
Alia Jan 21 '14
>>At first I thought that maybe they were just very lonely or something.


Still waiting for the answers to my questions to be able to reproduce this issue.

Yılmaz Demirci
Yılmaz Demirci Jan 22 '14
Hello, i have the same problem. And Jaroslaw that is not a solution. Because it affects another type of newsfeed action. Aliia there is two type of being friend: You send a request or another user can send to you. Now it should be more clear. So what I mean here, if you requested than you are a requester or if you take a request than you are a user who accepted this request. This exactly appears on my website like that if I send (I am requester) then there is no problem but if I take a request then there is a problem with my nick name it is duplicated. I have FB Connect installed and my account uses it to authenticate my access. I hope this will help you to reproduce or understand the issue.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jan 22 '14
It seems to be a new 1.6 feature.

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jan 22 '14
I just accepted a friend request from someone on my site.  In the newsfeed it says that I just made friends with myself.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jan 22 '14
I just changed the code to "and <a href="{$user_url}">{$name}</a> are now friends" and will watch carefully for the next "friendship"

Alia Team
Alia Jan 27 '14
Guys, do the same thing as Steve did.

1. Make sure that here: ow_plugins/friends/bol/service.php following text key is used: friends+newsfeed_action_string

2.In admin panel>>settings>>language>>find following text key friends+newsfeed_action_string
Make sure that is has following value: <a href="{$user_url}">{$name}</a> are now friends 

<a href="{$user_url}">{$name}</a> and <a href="{$requester_url}">{$requester_name}</a> are now friends

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jan 27 '14
Also keep in mind that this was nothing that your users were doing.  All the user did was to get a friend request from someone and accept it.


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