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new user with early install issue | Forum

maansy Jan 25 '14
hello. i am maansy. i new registered user and hopping to be a new OXWall user as well.
after checking out the features of oxwall and the plugins and theme area, i feel confident enough to relay on oxwall for my future socialetwork website.
to be completely honest, there is one thing is shaking my decision a bit which is the load of issues and bugs reported. i know the more users using oxwall, the more bugs reporting, the more stable each future version will be. i am hoping 1.6.1 wont have that many numbers of bugs and issues report.

so i decided to install oxwall.. and i am familiar with installing php scripts alomg with creating database and such. the first issue i face was that opd wasnt installed on my server. so i contacted my host and they installed it in no time.
these ond issue i faced was after filling up the database info and clicking next, i see a white page.
been 2 daysi have been reading about similar issues people are having or had.
beside ssetting error reporting on, was there anything i should watch out for that common user fail to do?

if my server is not suitable for oxwall, would it gave me such an error while installing it (same as the warning to install opd ext) ?

on a side note: i have contacted the site admin thru contact me form and i stated my issue there. even i posted a link to my site and another link to check my server feature 2 days ago and i havent got any reply.

hoping i can get thru this issue so i can start focusing on biulding my website.

maansy Jan 26 '14
i have checked server error log. i found these:

File does not exist: /home/XXXXX/public_html/404.shtml

File does not exist: /home/XXXXX/public_html/favicon.ico

does that help?

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Alia Team
Alia Jan 27 '14
Maansy, thanks for choosing Oxwall.

1. Errors from your error log are not connected to your issues.

The first thing we check when people face blank page during installation is whether client's server meet our requirements. Our requirements are listed here: http://www.oxwall.org/hosting
Can you make sure that your servers meets our requirements?

Second thing we check is whether error_reporting and display_errors are set to actually show you any errors. In your case, when you clicked "next" after entering database info, was the software actually installed? Try opening ow_includes/config.php file on your server. How many lines does it contain?
Alia Team
Alia Jan 27 '14
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maansy Jan 27 '14
i blv my hosting (alibabahost) support all what listed in http://www.oxwall.org/hosting

error_reporting and display_errors are enabled.

when i click NEXT i get i blank page and no database was installed.

here is my config.php:



define('OW_DIR_USERFILES', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_userfiles'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_STATIC', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_static'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_PLUGINFILES', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_pluginfiles/');


define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', true);

define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);

define('OW_INSTALL_PLUGINS', false);

define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', 'oxwall_salt_SK750');

define('OW_PROFILER_ENABLE', false);


define('OW_DIR_CORE', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_core'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_INC', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_includes'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_LIB', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_libraries'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_UTIL', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_utilities'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_PLUGIN', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_plugins'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_THEME', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_themes'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_SYSTEM_PLUGIN', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_system_plugins'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_SMARTY', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_smarty'.DS);


define('OW_USE_CLOUDFILES', false);

i just noticed now it doesnt have the closing ?> in config.php. is that normal?

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ross Team
ross Jan 28 '14

please PM me your cpanel access details, database access details and I'll try to install the software for you.