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Michael Leader
Michael Jul 29 '11
Where did the "Preview" go for Mass Mail in the admin panel!?

I liked that!  Will / can we have that back?
Dantes Jul 29 '11
PLEASE! because your mass mailing was a real mess :P hahhaah
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 30 '11
Yeah I noticed that!  I forgot to change it to HTML!  (Because there WASN'T a preview!)

I even copied and pasted it to a 1.1.1 install to check it looked ok!

Dantes Jul 30 '11
mmmm...well i dont use it much like that (no one read my emails!!!)
but its a must! situation
Den Team
Den Aug 1 '11
If you set it to HTML mode, then you will see Rich text formater :)
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 1 '11
Still want a preview!
"Sits in corner like a big child, arms folded, bottom lip out on the brink of a tantrum!"
Den Team
Den Aug 2 '11
In both modes you see original email's content which will be sent. Why do you need preview? :)
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 2 '11
I need a preview because I sent out a big mass mail with lots of html in it.  To do this I create it in Dreamweaver then paste into mas mail window.  I F O R G O T to change from txt to html.  I mistook the formatting in the message as text.  Not seeing a preview I thought it was ok. 
I am doing everything I can to blame everyone else for this!  It cant honestly be my fault!  LOL

@Addenster, it is an unexpected change is all.  I will learn as a responsible adult (allegedly) to be more thorough in my messages and CHECK before clicking send.

Thanks for the heads up.   You win this time!!!   :o)