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Group Notifications - Groups | Forum

Musik Jan 31 '14
I've had members request if they can receive notifications for new forum topics in Groups they are apart of. As in, they don't have to manually check Groups every day (or every hour) and check whether a new topic is posted.

Is this possible or intended for a future release? 

Thank you, insight is very much appreciated!

Hybrid Apr 30 '14

Revival of this thread!!!

This would be VERY helpful!  I was just about to make a topic about this, so Thank you Ari for bringing this up.  Besides doing this for the group forums, it would also need to be done in the regular forums.

I have several members on my site asking about this too.  They would like to have it where they can have the option to auto-subscribe to all topics and all new topics.  And at their choice, un-subscribe from them.  All of which rather than having to go to each topic (new or old) and checkmark the box to subscribe to it.

If this can be done, it would upgrade the groups plugin and the regular forums plugin ten-fold as this feature seems to be what everyone is wanting on my end...

I know Puru has created a plugin for un-subscribing (which I have) but that too doesn't have anything related to allowing users to automatically subscribe to new topics.  Perhaps whoever created this group plugin can work in conjunction with Puru.

Please keep us posted!

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software May 5 '14
Please make a suggestion on uservoice.
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