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Blank page after 4th step (Plugin) of installation | Forum

Henry Feb 3 '14
Hi guys, I'm installing the newest version of Oxwall. After I chose some plugins, I'll get a blank page at the last step. I already changed the config.php (that false/true thing). That didn't helped. 

Uhm, I can only set my Cronjob every 5 minutes, but I changed this in the run.php.

Can you guys help me?

ross Team
ross Feb 3 '14
It seems that you have some errors on this age, but it doesn't displayed. Do you have error reporting configured to show your Warnings and Fatals?

Check your webserver's error log, problem is indicated there. And based on experience, your server lack something from the required settings. 

Henry Feb 4 '14
It's a free hosting service. I don't know how to see the error reports. The you'll find the settings on phpinfo.bplaced.net
ross Team
ross Feb 4 '14
Henry, unfortunately, this page does not display many of the requirements so I couldn't find them on the list. Please contact this hosting provider and ask them whether the server meets these requirements: http://www.oxwall.org/hosting
Henry Feb 5 '14
Uhm, thank you ross. I installed it, but I have other problems. My hosting provider doesn't offers "url_fopen" (I think you mean "allow_url_fopen".) and cronjobs. The cronjobs aren't the real problem. I changed the value in run.php to 500 because I can create cronjobs every five minutes.

Please read my new topic ross.

Big thanks straight from germany!

ross Team
ross Feb 5 '14
Henry, yes, that is why you can't see your images. you need this setting to be enabled.