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Cron - not sure if working correctly...Please Help![Solved] | Forum

Hybrid Mar 30 '14
Relating to cron, I have looked and viewed your cron installation page.  However, I'm not sure if I have this setup correctly.  I am able to receive email notifications, so I think it's working....When I setup the cron job, I made it so it would run every 15 minutes as opposed to every minute.  Doing so helped increase page speed loading times on my site ten-fold.  Here is that command:

*/15 * * * * lynx http://mysitename.com/ow_cron/run.php

I have also made it where I would receive an email if there is any output received:  These are the emails I am currently getting and not sure what any of this means:

Your Terminal type is unknown!

  Enter a terminal type: [vt100]
 (B )0 [1;24r [m  [?7h [?1h = [H [J [21B [0;7m Getting http://www.mysitename.com/ow_cron/run.php [m
 [0;7m Looking up www.mysitename.com [m                      [22;27H
 [0;7m Making HTTP connection to www.mysitename.com [m
 [0;7m Sending HTTP request. [m                      [22;22H
 [0;7m HTTP request sent; waiting for response. [m

 [?1l >

With that being said, could someone shed some light to what that means above?  What does it mean my Terminal type is unknown?  And also, is my cron job running correctly?

Kind Regards,


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ross Team
ross Mar 31 '14
This e-mail is not related to the software. You need to contact your hosting provider to get that info. In general this e-mail means that the cron job is running properly. As to the Terminal type and other info. Please contact support team of your hosting provider
Hybrid Mar 31 '14
Okay, I sent an email to my hosting provider.  Once I receive word back from them, would it be appropriate to post the results here?
ross Team
ross Mar 31 '14
Sure, no problem
Hybrid Apr 14 '14
I am still needing to run some tests, but I finally got an answer from my host provider.  All the options you guys provide for the command line to setup the cron job does not apply to me at all.  I had to put a different command line.

After running it now for 15 minutes, this is the response I receive from an email in regards of my cron job:

Set-Cookie: base_language_id=1; expires=Wed, 14-May-2014 05:45:06 GMT; path=/
Content-type: text/html

So far, I believe it is now working properly as I am no longer receiving that message I posted in the original first post above in this thread.

Needless to say, my command line was actually pretty basic:

'php public_html/ow_cron/run.php' (without the quotes)

And set the time to run for every 15 minutes.  I hope this helps some other individuals out if they to are running into this issue.  My site runs on a linux server.

Anyway, I'll continue to monitor this and make some progressional updates when I can.

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ross Team
ross Apr 14 '14
Well, this is said in the tutorial on Cron configuration, that some provider do not permit to use wget, lynx or curl. I'm going to mark this post as Solved then. 
Hybrid Apr 14 '14
I just noticed that ;) - I must have missed that bit of info when testing the command lines out to see which one worked for me.  I apologize for any inconvenience you may have had trying to answer my cron issues.  I am hoping this is resolved and will keep you updated if it's not.
ross Team
ross Apr 14 '14
Alright, no problem
Wellie Denoncourt
Wellie Denoncourt Oct 3 '14

Hello Hybrid82 

I think I have the same problem you had. Have you solved your problem? What is the command line that you use for your cron.

Hybrid Oct 3 '14

Your command line may be different than mine, but I'll provide what I am using.  Check with your hosting provider as they will (or should) let you know what you need to start with.

php /home/xxyourUsernameOrDomainGoesHerexx/public_html/ow_cron/run.php > /home/xxyourUsernameOrDomainGoesHerexx/public_html/ow_logs/cron_log.txt

You should note that my cron is setup a bit more than what is required.  I created a folder called "ow_logs" with a txt file within it called "cron_log.txt" - This inputs whether or not my cron is working correctly.  You do not technically need that last string attached unless you are curious if your cron is working and/or having issues.

So, all you really need is this:

php /home/xxyourUsernameOrDomainGoesHerexx/public_html/ow_cron/run.php

Let me know if that helps.