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Where to find the place to change how oxwall names attachments? [Answered] | Forum

Greg Apr 7 '14
I want to add more to the file name oxwall gives to new attachments. This will help make it harder for unauthorized people to view photos by just changing the number at the end of attach_1 or attach_2 ect. I found this fix which looks like it will work for me but in 1.6 the file is different. http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/15786 So can someone tell me a new way to do this?
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Alia Team
Alia Apr 9 '14
Greg, latest build of "Photo" plugin already has an improvement  you are looking for.
There are two types of photo links :

1. Direct link to the image uploaded via photo plugin on the server. These types of link come in following format: sitename.com/ow_userfiles/plugins/photo/photo_27_53184870d3fe3.jpg  where "53184870d3fe3" is a random hash code. It is almost impossible for unauthorized users to guess what the hash code will be.

2. Link to photo within your site ( link you see when you view the photo in ajax box).
These type of links come in following format: sitename.com/photo#view-photo=24
Where "24" number varies from one photo to another. If you don't want unauthorized users to view this kind of links, why not just restrict this within user role permissions?

Greg Apr 9 '14
Thank you Aliia, The photo plug in is perfect in how it does the random hash code. If a user uploads a photo to the photo plug in it works and all is well. If they upload a photo in a comment or post to their wall it is back to the old way ow_userfiles/plugins/base/attachments/attach_8.jpg What I am trying to prevent with this change is to make it so an authorized user can not share a link to one of their photos with an unauthorized user then have the unauthorized user just change the number at the end to view all the photos ever attached to the newsfeed. I tried the code change that was mentioned in the thread I linked to above (the old fix) but it did not work. Can i use the same script that the photo plugin uses to add the random hash code? if so can you help me with where to find it and what to copy and replace. Thank you for your time.
Greg Apr 9 '14
I must have not done it right the first time. I tried again and it works great now. Thank you
Alia Team
Alia Apr 10 '14
You are welcome =)_

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Amity Sherlock

To change how Oxwall names attachments, you can follow these steps:

Log in to your Oxwall admin page.

Select the "Configuration" menu and then select "System Configuration".

Search for the "Attachment Settings" section Pokemon Showdown and click the "Modify" button.

Here you can change the format of the attachment name by using variables like {timestamp} or {random} to generate a random filename or a time-based filename.by using variables like {timestamp} or {random} to ge erate a random filename or a time-based filename.

Save changes by clicking the "Save" button. 

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salmawisoky Apr 17
Me -> Directory -> My Public info -> Personal details -> Name > click Candy Crush on Edit (Action Name change) > Attachment section is missing.